The Secret of Karmic Cleansing

Sri Pranaji  |  15 Sep 2011, Malaysia

In this discussion, Sri Pranaji reveals the secrets of karma & karmic cleansing. Then, in his usual “no more secrets” approach, he explains how each person at different spiritual levels can tackle karma and progress spiritually.

“Destiny can be challenged with intelligence.”

(Vidiye matiyaal vellalaam)

Centuries ago, Siddhars said this to their disciples. But, only a few understood it. To understand that, one needs a deeper understanding of some interesting facts. Maybe it was too scientific for those in ancient times. But now, everyone has some knowledge about mathematics and the complexities of science. This is an excellent time to talk about this point in detail.

First of all, understand what Karma is. 

Karma is a mathematical model. That means it is a complex set of calculations. Who made this formula? Of course, the Divine himself. So we can compare God with a mathematician or scientist. The only difference is that God does that on a different level! All calculations have a predictable outcome, don’t they? One plus one is always two. A + B is C. If you know A and B, you already know what C is. So does karma. It is predictable. The way to predict that outcome is called Astrology. Siddhars of various lineages have thoroughly understood and documented this formula. It was possible only due to their ability to reach God’s Consciousness.

Where is this Karma sitting? Where can you find your it?

Your Karma is sitting right inside you! According to spiritual science, Our body has three components: the physical body, Jeeva, and the Soul. I don’t have to explain what the physical body is. Let us move on to Jeeva. Jeeva is our consciousness. The part of you who is feeling, thinking, and experiencing is called the Jeeva – the software in our body!

This Jeeva carries the Karma. It moves between births. We will talk about the third guy – the Soul – a little later. But let us examine Jeeva.

Before some time, I said that Karma is a learning cycle. This learning cycle teaches us who we are, what we are, where we came from, and where to return. You have already heard it, right? But there is a little more to it. The twist in the story…!

After completing a life, our actions and reactions are taken as the input for the God’s formula. This formula find the gap in our learning. If the outcome is zero, there is no learning remaining and we can stop the birth cycle. You know everything. But if there is a learning, that becomes an action plan for future. The action plan is attached to the Jeeva and so it decides to come back to finish the learning. This action plan is called Karma. That is why I said that Karma is Learning. It is not a punishment.

This repeating life cycle becomes a motivation for Jeeva to learn. Like how exams motivate us to learn our subject. If there is no exam, how many of us would have learnt our subjects in school?!

As the sole purpose of Karma is learning, you are free from Karmic cycle the moment we learn. That is the secret behind karmic cleansing. We are going to understand it in detail now. Let’s see what our poor Jeeva does.

Sometimes, climbing a hill is easier than moving through the ground

Jeeva is also a manifestation of God. And so it is smart too. It knows what needs to be done to execute the action plan. It finds the right parents who will create the right life situations for its Karmic cleansing! Jeeva knows what it will go through. So, stop crying over your suffering. You chose it before you were born!!!

Last week someone asked me, “Pranaji, I’m going through this burden daily, and you say that it is not punishment?!” But as I said, once you are here, it looks like punishment. But it is actually not a punishment. 

There are two ways to finish this learning. One is the slow method – go through all the suffering and then start thinking one fine day – “what am I doing?!” It is like a person trying to find a way and wandering around the street. It may take a few births to get to that point. 

There is a second, easier way. Climb on a hill or a tall building and look around! Practically, you may not find a hill everywhere you go. But in spirituality, that hill is always available. That is – experiencing Shiva state (God-consciousness). A Guru can take you to that hill. Once you reach higher, you already know about what is there lower. Your learning is done!!!

In a way, Guru is like a drug dealer! 

A Guru can help you taste the Shiva state. It is a sudden exposure to a higher reality. Once you experience it, you are hooked to it!!! And that is what I’m doing through all these online events and direct training. That experience becomes a motivation to learn more. It starts the process of releasing the Karma. 

Even a single bit of experience imparts a burst of reality for you that starts to loosen the grip of Karma on you. A totally unexpected and beautiful aspect of your life unravels before you. That sets you off for a new journey. A learning journey that will release all bondages and the complicated cycles of life. The Guru then becomes a lamp that leads you through the path safely.  Once you taste it, you have learnt the secret of Karma cleansing. Enlightenment is not a state. It is a journey.

By the way, what about the 3rd guy – the Soul

We have covered the primary intent of this discussion. But I had told that we would discuss Soul. A promise is a promise. 

For the sake of understanding, imagine that God is a massive ball of light. Like a thousand Suns together. Now take a small pinch of that light… as small as a grain of sand, and place it in your heart. That is called Soul. From a spiritual science point of view, this is the word soul’s meaning. Please don’t get confused with the modern terminology that refers to the energetic remains of a dead person. This is different. 

A grain of Sugar is as sweet as a big basket of Sugar. In the same way, this pinch of light sitting in you is as powerful as God. It can do everything that the big God sitting outside does. So what is it doing inside us? How do we access it? Is there a technique to merge with it?

Yes, there is. Siddha science offers the method to do that. This is one of the learnings in the Jothi Siddhar Lineage. 

This is a topic for a different discussion. Until then, remember this –

Aham Brahmasmi. You and God are one!

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