Kundalini Shaktipath

Right of every spiritual body

Even though spiritual schools acknowledge that Kundalini awakening is necessary, very few offer it to their students. Kundalini energy is independent of spiritual traditions, practices, and belief systems. It is the right of every spiritual body. Therefore Sri Pranaji has decided to make this advanced practice available to everyone, even for aspirants not following his lineage.


Who can receive?

How is it done?

Why is it so important?

Every spiritual aspirant has to go through some special stages in spiritual development, no matter which path or lineage you follow. However, those stages are common to every human being because our energy system and spiritual bodies are similar. One such stage is Kundalini awakening. It is needed to realize Atma and help crack open many hurdles in the path.

After the awakening, the aspirant is never the same. He gets access to many aspects of reality and his true nature. Since then, spiritual development will be aided by this powerful energy. That is why Kundalini Shaktipath is one of the most important practices and the most sought-after by an aspirant.

Expereince Kundalini 

Thsi video takes you through powerful Kundalini Samyama. Done as part of online  live Samyama program and can be repeated offline as well through this video. 

Who can receive?

We have created a system that is effective and independent of lineage. An aspirant can receive Shaktipath from us and continue doing his original practices without attachment to the Jothi Siddhar lineage.

Who can receive it?

1. Anyone above 15 years

The minimum age criteria for receiving Kundalini Shaktipath is 15 years.

2. Serious seekers

We recommend that only serious seekers apply for Shaktipath. We don’t recommend this for those who want to only experience/experiment.

Who should wait?

1. Pregnancy, sickness

A pregnant woman or those trying to get pregnant should wait until delivery. Such intense energies are not recommended during pregnancy. Those with severe sickness should also wait.

2. Deep emotional or physical blockages

Deep emotional or physical blocks and traumas can create releases that are not easy to handle by an individual.  But such situations are rarely seen, and most spiritual students are ready to receive Kundalini Shaktipath.

If you have clarifications about eligibility or any specific situations/conditions you are going through, please specify while submitting the request.

How is Kundalini Shaktipath done?

  • Pranashakty’s way of doing Kundalini Shaktipath is through the direct transfer method. The guru touches the physical spine starting from the tail bone to the end and also guides it through the Sahasrara and spine.
  • If any block is detected in the person, the guru may adjust the corresponding chakra but this will be done only on a case-to-case basis.
  • A simple procedure involving breathing needs to be followed during the shaktipath process that will be explained to the student during the process.

Some changes that can be observed during/after Kundalini Shaktipath

  •  Hot or cold sensations due to the activation of Mooladhara chakra.
  • Heat or Prana movement through the spine during the lifting process.
  • After awakening, the sadhak may feel any or some of the following symptoms:
    • Heat or cold sensation in the body, spine, or head.
    • The spinning of crown chakra or colors in Ajna chakra.
    • Some energy crawling sensations under the skin, feeling of losing strength.
    • Extreme joy or bliss. Sometimes intense sexual feelings are due to the awakening of the Mooladhara chakra.
    • The body may have a feeling of a shield formed around it. Sometimes the person may get abilities like protective skin, clairvoyance, or healing power increased many folds.

Regardless of sensation or feeling, the Shaktipath will happen ultimately. Descriptions given above about sensations are only some guidelines for your understanding so that the person doesn’t get distracted during the process. There are many cases where nothing is felt during the process.

Some important points

Shaktipath is not full Kundalini awakening

There is a widely spread belief that Kundalini Shaktipath raises the Kundalini itself. But it is not true. The process of Shaktipath raises only some energy of Kundalini to your crown, and then it aids our development through daily practice.

Regular practice gives progress

Kundalini Shaktipath becomes an aid along with your regular practice. Just receiving shaktipath will not give you progress.

Kundalini shaktipath won't give instant enlightenment

We don’t find joy in selling the word “enlightenment.” We believe that shaktipath is not the end. It is just the beginning of a journey. All our great Siddhars and rishis have done years of practice to achieve the supreme state of enlightenment.

Registration and acceptance

We give Shaktipath only up on the request from the person and are in no way obliged to give it – even though will do our best to honor it. Course fee/donation is involved.