Sarva Shakty Sadhana

Sarva Shakti Sadhana (SSS) is an ancient Siddha Yoga practice adapted to modern times. It contains several components such as breathing exercises (pranayama), rhythmic movements, yoga posture (asana), sounding, meditation, prayer and directing of energy (sankalpa).

Benefits of Sarva Shakty Sadhana:

This practice has been designed provide multiple benefits.  It will offer the following:

  • to rejuvenate you from the core of your being
  • to prepare you to receive spiritual gifts like Kundalini awakening and Third Eye opening, which are very important milestones in one’s spiritual practice
  • to activate all the chakras and fill them with high vibrations of energy (prana)
  • to help you to shift into your energy body (pranamaya kosha), which will activate your own power to heal

Sarva Shakti Sadhana’s effects are beyond words. It will take you into deep relaxation and bliss.

    Breathing Exercise

    The first 3 exercises of the Sarva Shakti Sadhana practice are breathing techniques, chosen to maximize the movement of prana (energy) in the body. Prana is very important to body and mind functioning as well as spiritual growth.  Increasing prana has the following effects:

    • repair, overall balancing, removal of blockages and cleansing
    • centering of the mind, increased neutrality
    • increase in strength and happiness

    Chakra Activation

    Filling the body with prana allows the chakras to reach their potential, thus preparing the path for kundalini, the source of prana, so it may move smoothly from the base to the crown, filling the channel. In order to ensure maximum chakra function and prana flow, the Sarva Shakti Sadhana practice also contains several exercises designed to activate the chakras.  This part of the practice is done to music, to encourage movement. The first of the chakra exercises is dedicated to moving prana from the base (first chakra) to the crown (seventh chakra) and throughout the body with simple hand movements up the body, followed by two more exercises done with hand movements: one designed to open and expand each chakra, while enhancing the energy between them; the other designed to synchronize and align the chakras.  The fourth exercise of the chakra activation phase of the Sarva Shakti Sadhana practice, the tree pose (in silence), balances everything, allowing all of the chakras (all of the parts of one’s consciousness) to connect, drawing on a connection between the Earth and the Cosmos.


      Meditation is an important part of spiritual growth.  It allows us to detach from the movement of the mind so that we can see who we are.  Ultimately, it will also allow us to shift consciousness from the dualistic to the one-pointed functioning of the mind.

      Once the body has been filled with prana and the chakras have been activated and aligned, the individual, through the practice of Sarva Shakti Sadhana, is given the technique to still the mind.  Through the use of Om, the sound of the universe, hummed for several minutes (and stopped abruptly), after all of the previous preparation, thought waves are aligned to one frequency in order to achieve the state of Thuriya.

      The state of Thuriya can be enjoyed for several minutes (or longer).  It can be followed by a deep meditation (depending on the experience and desire of the person).