Maha Jothi Meditation

Deep meditation that can lift you up from the baggage of emotional blocks and bring back youthfulness

Pranasiddhar Sri Pranaji asked the saint Swami Ramalingam, how to use the Great Jothi to help people to clean their bodies from the harmful emotions and negative energy and to feel themselves youthful. The answer was a meditation, created by the saint, and then Sri Pranaji found a way how to give this practice to other people through Acharyas in Advanced Jothi Retreat.

Every person has an accumulated experience of negative energy and emotions. They influence on health, relationships and quality of life directly, creating problems in different spheres. One of the ways to solve these problems is meditation by Swami Ramalingam. Ramalingam Meditation is the next level of work with Jothi light, this practice contributes to the expansion of the light from the inside.

The Benefits of this meditation:

  • Cleans from the negative energies and emotions
  • Removes blockages, negative stereotypes and destructive programs
  • Relieves fears
  • Allows you to transform and heal the causes of all of the above conditions
  • Returns the feeling of youth
  • The positive changes after the first meditation itself.

Swami Ramalingam’s message:
“The purpose of this practice is to approach the God, this is a way to deduct the weight of karma and bring your state closer to the loving one, melt your heart and completely fall to the God as to the dearest thing in this world. Only a pure heart and unconditional love can bring a person closer to a complete transformation and make him experience an ultimate happiness. I urge everyone to follow this path, the path of love and compassion”.