Ananda Siddhi

The door to eternal bliss

The point in your body where energy and matter meets – the Ananda Kanda Chakra is the least discussed and one of the most secretive point in your energy system. Ananda Siddhi is the spiritual energy generated by this chakra. It is an energy that emanates bliss and happiness, both within and without. Practice with Ananda Siddhi can make you an embodiment of bliss!

Bliss in a new dimention!

Ananda Siddhi helps you understand both physical and spiritual meaning of bliss. This beautiful energy contains all colors, dominated by blue. the bliss overpowers stress, makes you transparent like a dimond. It not only influences you but also people around. Intense practice with Ananda Siddhi converts you to Ananda Swaroopee – an ambodiment of bliss!

Ananda Siddhi heals

Apart from its ability to transform you through bliss, Ananda Siddhi is also a powerful healing energy. Ananda Kanda Chakra, located under your heart center has the ability to supply unlimited amount of energy and heal the receiver in physical and spiritual dimensions.

Expereince Ananda Siddhi

Online Ananda Siddhi Meditation

You can taste Ananda Siddhi through Ananda Siddhi Transmission on Pradosham days. Even though it doesn’t activate your Ananda kanda Chakra, it certainly allows you to get a glimpse of what it can do.

Ananda Siddhi Diksha

Actual initiation of Ananda Siddhi gives you full access to it’s power. Diksha involves opening of Ananda Kanda Chakra and guidance on the usage of energy for healing and is done through Jothi Body of Light retreats.