Jothi Retreat

Quantum Science of Spirituality

Jothi Retreat

Quantum Science of Spirituality


Unlimited energy, bliss & powerful tools

Siddhas see spirituality as a holistic thing. It is a combination of material and physical aspects of life. With the power of Jothi, Sri Pranaji brings the most advanced and fast techniques for spiritual progress. Jothi Retreat creates profound impacts of your material and spiritual worlds. It is very suitable for the modern word as we follow the Siddha Way. It employs direct, straight to the point and fast methods to bring transformation in you.

Our soul is a fragment of God’s consciousness. Best way to prepare for the meeting with soul within is to familiarize with the its light. Let us bring Jothi, the light of soul in to you from the cosmic source. While it sets the stage for meeting the God within, it also initiates huge transformation in your physical and spiritual planes. Also, the new cosmic connection helps you to manifest your every-day goals of life with lesser stress.

Sri Pranaji

Jothi Body of Light Retreat

Duration: 8hrs
Start a new phase in your transformation with ability to access unlimited bliss, unlimited Jothi, ability to heal and give Jothi Blessing.

Cosmic Jothi Activation given in Jothi Body of Light retreat not only connects to the unlimited flow of Jothi but also prepares you for a bigger transformation. Cosmic Jothi is universal Atma. Access to this not only gives you so much power but it will also make it easier to get knowledge of Inner Atma later, which is the ultimate goal of our practice.

Sri Pranaji



We believe in talking less and doing more but explanation about the program is inevitable. Acharyas guide participants through details of program to help students assimilate this new experience. 

Sarva Shakty Sadhana

A powerful and fun filled practice to make Chakras, energy channels and body vibrate in rythm and re-establish connection with each other. It increased prana in you and sets a perfect stage for further growth. Learn More

Ananda Siddhi Diksha

This diksha opens your Ananda Gandha Chakra and activates the flow of bliss. Regular practice with Ananda Siddhi transforms you in to body of bliss. A perfect companion for anyone dealing with stress and trauma. Learn More

Cosmic Jothi Diksha

Receive unlimited access to the light of Cosmic Soul – Jothi, an energy that you also see even in your highest state of spiritual progress. This activation aligns your channels in such a way that you can access Jothi in the amount and intensity as you wish. Makes you an energy power house. Learn More

Jothi Healing & Blessing

Learn a new dimension in energy dynamics with training on Jothi Healing and Blessing. 


Q&A, Certification

Practice makes it perfect. Q&A session and more experiements helps participants understand what they have received. You are now a certified Jothi Healing and Jothi Blessing Giver.

Advanced Jothi Retreat

Duration: 8hrs
Eligibility: At least 44 days after Jothi Body of Light Retreat

Take your journey to next level with power to enhance human abilities through 365 energy points, prosperity, protection, next level of healing, karmic cleansing and the profound meditative experience through Maha Jothi Dyanam. In this course, you will see some of the most practical application of spiritual energies.

While Jothi Body of Light Retreat gives immense power of Jothi to the participants, Advanced Jothi Retreat gives them access to vast number of abilities. With the power of Jothi, they can tap in to many aspects of human potential. With Maha Jothi Dhyanam & healing, they get ready for the greatest journey of all of their lives. 

Sri Pranaji

Activate 365 points of skills

Every ability in our body is related to certain energy centers. Ability to activate them enhances everything from your personal life, work or anything that you do. Participants will get ability to activate their own skills.

Maha Jothi Meditation

Highlight of this retreat is Maha Jothi Meditation. the great Jothi works on your system to awaken all powerful spiritual being. It also clears emotional blocks & negative energies and makes you youthful.


Maha Jothi Healing

Healing in all aspects of your spiritual system is possible only with energies that can penetrate to those levels. Jothi, the most subtle & powerful energy, does the job through this meditation.

Karma Cleansing

Karma Cleansing through the process and mantras paves the path to overcome hurdles. In the advanced Jothi Retreat the Acharya will activate you with the process for karma cleansing. This will allow controlled release of karmic energies and clear your path forward.


Activation for prosperity

Opens all the blocked channels of wealth and prosperity due to complications in the planetary positions in one’s horoscope. Energising and enhancing the Aishwaryam energy points and channels attracts wealth and prosperity, complimenting your efforts.


Opening of Unconditional Heart

Conflicts happen when we are not able to accept reality. Acceptance gives us ability to think and provide right solution. To help you solve problems in a better way, we offer you opening of one aspect of your spiritual heart – “The Unconditional Heart”… somethign that the world truly needs.

Health & Anti-aging

Siddhas used to extend their lives secure enough time to finish their life’s mission. These methods no only slows down the aging but also keeps you healthy. We will introduce this unique method to you during the training. 

Protection from Epidemic / Pandemic

You will be provided with energies to protect yourself from epidemic/Pendemic. Boost your immunity and protect from energies and stress that make matters worse.

Acharya's "Calming Palm"!

Our Acharyas are blessed with a special ability – they have a “calming palm”! Using it, they can give you an ability to automatically control your stress during situations of conflicts. Isn’t it cool? Remember, we told you that we’re building a better world!

Protection from Black Magic

Whether we believe it or not black magic do exist in this 21st century. Due to increasing competition in pursuit of material and luxury, gain, the greed, jealousy, frustration has caused people to turn to supernatural practices to cause misfortune to others in many ways

How to join

Jothi Body of Light retreats are organized regularly by Acharays or volenteers and details of registration are published in website and our Facebook page. Retreats involve donation that help us to cover organizing expenses and funds for our global peace initiatives.