Spirituality – The Siddha Way!

Spiritual training is a path to enlightenment and with Siddha techniques, we go straight to the point. We offer only limited number of courses where each step is carefully designed by Sri Pranaji to pave way for self realization. At the same time, each training unlocks huge transformation and abilities too. Let us discuss it in detail.

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The Siddha Way

Siddhas are spiritual masters who not only achieved enlightenment but also who looked at spirituality in a very scientific way. As a result, they developed many practical applications of this knowledge like medicine systems (Ayurveda & Siddha), laid foundation for ancient astronomy, pioneered in atomic science, mastered alchemy and so on. At the same time, their techniques for spiritual progress remained dormant, awaiting human evolution. As centuries passed, humans evolved and our abilities to perceive and understand evolved. Their lineage preserved this knowledge and siddhas made themselves available in spiritual forms for guidance. Siddha way has a ‘no dogma, no distortion’ approach and techniques are designed to unlock abilities directly, mostly on-the-fly during training. This makes it unique and suitable for the modern world. Pranashakty Team is honored to be a humble part of this lineage. 

Detailed Insights

Spirituality not only helps you understand your purpose but also gives you great tools to make your daily life better

Our soul is a fragment of God’s consciousness. Best way to prepare for the meeting with soul within is to familiarize with the its light. Let us bring Jothi, the light of soul in to you from the cosmic source. While it sets the stage for meeting the God within, it also initiates huge transformation in your physical and spiritual planes. Also, the new cosmic connection helps you to manifest your every-day goals of life with lesser stress.

Sri Pranaji

A meaningful first step

far beyond an introduction

Jothi Body of Light Retreat

In your first step, we offer Jothi Body of Light retreat. In this level, the Cosmic Jothi Diksha introduces a transformation through guru’s grace that otherwise takes years to achieve. Your energy system aligns for higher cosmic connection and unlimited Jothi flows through you at will. Ability to heal and transform comes to you as you become an energy powerhouse. The game starts cahnging as we start experiencing Thuriya.

  • Chakra Activation sets the stage for your shift
  • Sarva Shakti Sadhana, a fun filled practice enhances the amount of prana in you. It aligns Chakra and prepares teh body for the big thig – the Cosmic Jothi Diksha.
  • Ananda Siddhi diksha opens the Ananda Kanda Chakra, the point where energy andmatter meets, generating the energy of blisss from your own body!
  • Cosmic Jothi Activation conencts you to the unlimited flow of Jothi and gives you ability to access it at the intensity and quanity of your choice.

These practices only initiates deep transformations but also prepare you from different levels of your existance. After this course, you have everything to transform yourself in to an embodiment of bliss and enjoy this beautiful life.

The next step

a big leap

Advanced Jothi Retreat

This step takes you to another fascinating journey through the Siddha way. You will receive tools to enhance your abilities and take your progress to the next level. Here is a glimpse of what you will receive:

  • Maha Jothi Meditation – mediation designed by Swami Ramalingam
  • Maha Jothi Healing – healing method designed by Swami Ramalingam
  • Ability to activate 365 points of body attributes and can enhance any skill that you posess.
  • You will also receive tools karmic cleansing
  • Practice to improve prosperity
  • Tools to remove and protect black magic
  • Anti-aging and health improvement tools
  • Tools to protect you from epidemic or pendamic

The ultimate step

Meet your infinite human & spiritual potential

Shakty Enlightenment Program

Does enlightenment need decades of practice? Not really, especially when it can be done under Guru’s supervision and right techniques. Shakty Enlightenment Program (SEP) is a 5 year spiritual training that makes enlightenment viable even for a house holder who is serious about spirituality. Training is personally handled by Sri Pranaji and ensures a perfect communion between the guru and disciple.

  • Awaken the unlimited power of soul and understand your purpose
  • Understand who you are and your personal purpose
  • Explore life-changing methods to awaken soul and access limitless energies
  • Your divine potential fully awakens and past karmas burn through Samadhi process.
  • Full Samyama process begins and enlightenment of Jeeva happens

Hidden Gems

for support in the journey

Some initiations come handy when we have a tough time on the spiritual path. Some of them are also great tools for healing and self defecnce. These are optional and you may choose to receive them irrespective of your lineage or your association with Pranashakty.