December 25, 2023, by Sri Pranaji

Embrace Warmth Naturally with Tummo Energy

Discover the ancient wisdom of Tummo energy, a Tibetan yogic practice, in a modern and accessible form. Our innovative approach captures the essence of "inner fire" meditation, traditionally used to generate warmth in cold climates. By simply viewing our specially activated image for a brief period, you can experience a soothing warmth spread through your body for about 30 minutes. This method combines traditional practices with modern convenience, offering a natural way to stay warm and enhance well-being.

” ‘I am not here to amass a million followers, construct grand ashrams, or erect towering statues and buildings. My purpose, my true calling, lies in nurturing masters and gurus for the future – individuals who will stand as beacons of wisdom and innovation. I am here to cultivate solution providers, those who will carry forward the torch of enlightenment to illuminate the paths of countless others.’ – Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji”

Introduction: Winter brings its share of challenges, particularly in dealing with the biting cold. Traditional methods like warm clothing, heating spaces, or even resorting to alcohol can offer temporary relief but are not without drawbacks. Alcohol, for instance, might provide a fleeting sense of warmth but can harm your health, especially affecting the liver and stomach.

The Power of Tummo Energy: In the heart of Tibetan and yogic traditions lies a natural solution – Tummo energy. Known as “inner fire” meditation or breathing, this ancient practice harnesses breathwork and visualization techniques. Used traditionally by Tibetan monks and yogis to combat the harsh Himalayan cold, Tummo goes beyond mere temperature regulation, offering profound mental and physical health benefits.

Siddha Research and Innovation: Seeking a practical application of Tummo energy for modern use, we’ve explored the Siddha way to tap into this natural heat source. Our research has led to a breakthrough method that captures the essence of Tummo energy, achieving 70 to 80% of its warmth and benefits.

Introducing the Tummo Energy Image: We have distilled this powerful energy into an image. Simply by gazing at this activated image for 20 to 30 seconds, you can unlock a flow of Tummo energy lasting approximately 30 minutes. This process imbues the body with a soothing warmth, akin to the natural heat generated through traditional Tummo practice.

Conclusion: This innovative approach brings the ancient wisdom of Tummo energy into the modern world, offering an accessible and health-conscious way to stay warm and well during the cold months.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Focus on the Image: Look at the activated Tummo energy image on your screen for 20 to 30 seconds.
  2. Experience the Warmth: After viewing, You will begin to feel a gentle, soothing warmth spreading throughout your body.
  3. Duration: The effects last for about 30 minutes, offering a natural and healthful way to stay warm.
  4. You can download to your phone and use when needed