July 14, 2017, by Sri Pranaji

Siddha Memory Empowerment Program – A free service to children

” ‘I am not here to amass a million followers, construct grand ashrams, or erect towering statues and buildings. My purpose, my true calling, lies in nurturing masters and gurus for the future – individuals who will stand as beacons of wisdom and innovation. I am here to cultivate solution providers, those who will carry forward the torch of enlightenment to illuminate the paths of countless others.’ – Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji”

SMEP is taking great pace in Malaysia with the help of many volunteer teachers from schools across the country . Recent programs were arranged in Bandar Rinching Semenyih, Azad Tamil School & Rajaji Tamil School in Sepang Petani and Kulim. Teachers have reported significant improvement in students overall performances. Detailed feedback will be published later.