August 26, 2023, by Sri Pranaji

Maha Puja Program: Parvati and Adi Parashakty.

” ‘I am not here to amass a million followers, construct grand ashrams, or erect towering statues and buildings. My purpose, my true calling, lies in nurturing masters and gurus for the future – individuals who will stand as beacons of wisdom and innovation. I am here to cultivate solution providers, those who will carry forward the torch of enlightenment to illuminate the paths of countless others.’ – Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji”

Experience the goddess before you read further

Play the video to know more about what it is.

How to experience?

Look at the image of Sri Navasidhi Parvathy displayed below, read the given prayer 3 times and then close your  eyes. Experience either the energy or her presence.


Dewi Sri Navasiddhi Parvati, allow me to experience the energy to make me calm, happy, and blissful, and feel your presence.


Деви Шри Навасиддхи Парвати, позволь мне почувствовать энергию, которая сделает меня спокойным, счастливым, блаженным и ощутить твоё присутствие


Dewi Sri Navasiddhi Parvati, erlaube mir, die Energie zu erfahren, die mich ruhig, glücklich und selig macht, und deine Anwesenheit zu spüren


देवी श्री नवसिद्धि पार्वती, मुझे उन ऊर्जा का अनुभव करने की अनुमति दें जो मुझे शांत, खुश, और आनंदित बनाएं, और आपकी उपस्थिति को महसूस करूं।


தேவி ஸ்ரீ நவசித்தி பார்வதி, என்னை அமைதியாகவும், மகிழ்ச்சியாகவும், ஆனந்தமாகவும் மற்றும் ஆற்றலை அனுபவிக்கவும், உங்களை உணரவும் அனுமதியுங்கள்


In the rich tapestry of Hinduism, the veneration of Goddess Parvati holds a special place. Known by many names and forms, such as Durga, Kali, and Annapoorna, she is the epitome of pure energy, or Shakti. Yet, the spiritual journey to understand this multi-faceted deity is rife with complexities. Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji brings a modern touch to the traditional practices, reviving the connection between the ancient wisdom and the contemporary seeker. The Maha Puja program under his guidance offers a unique blend of rituals, chants, and meditations that honor Goddess Sri Navasiddhi Parvathy.

The Celestial Unfolding:

Adi Parashakti’s Transformative Revelation to Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji

In a mystical dream sequence, Adi Parashakti— the primordial cosmic energy—graced the living Siddhar Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji, a blessed lineage holder of the 18 Siddhas deeply connected to Shiva. Within this transcendental experience, she revealed her two forms: her eternal essence and her chosen manifestation as Sri Navasiddhi Parvati, complete with her cosmic weaponry. Her intention was to resonate with the present generation, bypassing traditional complexities for those either skeptical or unfamiliar with ancient rites. She simplified the invocation to merely vocalizing her name after a foundational act of reverence, setting the stage for an immediate spiritual connection.

The Phenomenal Rebirth

Just a fortnight before Navratri 2020, Adi Parashakti reappeared during Sri Pranaji’s meditative communion. She decreed that her energies would conflate into a singular, all-powerful Parvati form, embodying an extraordinary convergence of divine powers and siddhis. Over the sacred days of Navaratri, she would offer nightly guidance, illuminating the spiritual pathways required for her grand emergence aimed at empowering a new epoch of women.

The Pathway to Liberation

Adi Parashakti laid forth a divine blueprint for manifesting Sri Navsiddhi Parvati, designed to serve as an unyielding protector for women and children. She synergized her energies with fourteen other Devis, sculpting an unprecedented force capable of dismantling cycles of abuse and mitigating the suffering of the vulnerable, especially young girls. This divine manifestation aims to equip them with the means for financial independence, robust protection, and educational success.

The Universal Power of Shakti

Tracing the cosmogony to its root, Adi Parashakti is the genesis of both masculine and feminine energies in the universe. She is the primal life force coexisting with Shiva, the soul of the cosmos. Across various timelines and global traditions, this feminine energy has appeared as the embodiment of various roles—warrior, mother, sorcerer, and lover. Whether it’s in ancient Greece, Egypt, the Americas, or within religious frameworks like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Paganism, the feminine divine has always held an exalted place.

The Metamorphosis across Yugas

In Hindu cosmology, every Yuga has witnessed the transformative roles of Shakti. From Sati, the devoted wife in the Trithayuga, to the various forms of Durga/Parvati and the ten Maha-vidya roopas of Adi Parashakti, her manifestations have been numerous. She assumed the role of ‘Skandamata,’ uniting with the divine to birth a new cosmic energy. When necessary, she transformed into Kaalaratri, the demon-slayer, serving as the cosmic policewoman to protect the innocent.

The Purpose of Shakti’s Earthly Manifestations

Shakti takes on physical forms to guide humanity, especially women, toward their inherent divine power. She incarnates to vanquish not just mythological demons but also those individuals who malign and harm women. By understanding Shakti’s manifestations, we can embrace and elevate the divine feminine within ourselves and in the women around us.

The narrative of Adi Parashakti serves as a testimony that divinity is a confluence of supreme energies designed for the greater good. It’s not merely about tradition but about a cosmic interplay meant to bring about an auspicious change in the world.

The Traditional Landscape

Traditionally, Goddess Parvati embodies fertility, love, and devotion. As the wife of Lord Shiva, the universal consciousness, she bridges the duality in experience—body and consciousness, being and becoming, greed and altruism. Various practices, such as Sri Vidya, have been designed to dive deep into understanding the Goddess, using sacred geometries like the Sri Chakra, mantras, and esoteric rituals. These have been deeply explored in Vedic philosophy through six darshanas, encompassing everything from logic to physical categories and cosmology.

The Sri Chakra and Modern Spirituality

The Maha Puja program incorporates the Sri Chakra, a mystic design associated with the Goddess. The three cities in Lalita Tripurasundari’s name symbolize body, mind, and spirit. Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji presents the Sri Chakra as a modern tool for meditation and mindfulness. By focusing on its geometric form during the puja, one can balance the energies of the three cities and align them with the three gunas (Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas), activating a transformational energy flow.

Maha Puja Program

The Modern Approach

Shaktism in Today’s Context

Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji revitalizes the Shaktism path, which is traditionally known as the quickest but also the most mysterious path to understanding. He offers a modern, safer interpretation and methodology, which challenges our basic beliefs while providing a nurturing environment for spiritual growth.

Incorporation of Mantras

The Srividya mantra is partitioned into various segments representing different facets of reality. Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji places these mantras in the context of our daily struggles with duality—explaining how chanting these can offer solutions to modern-day problems like stress, lack of focus, and existential questions.

Interactivity and Community

The Maha Puja is not a spectator event; it invites participation, aiming to foster a community of like-minded seekers. It promotes inclusivity, moving beyond the boundaries of caste, creed, and nationality, reflecting the global spirit of modern society.

Technological Integration

In a nod to the times, portions of the Maha Puja can be attended virtually, and guided meditation sequences are available for download, ensuring that the teachings are accessible to a global audience.


Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji’s Maha Puja program is not just a ritual but an experience that connects us to the deepest layers of our being. It builds upon the rich heritage of worshiping Goddess Parvati while modernizing the approach for today’s seekers. This blended method serves as a practical guide for anyone looking to understand the mysteries of the Goddess and, in the process, uncover the enigma of their own existence.

Unveiling the Power of Sri Navasidhhi Parvathy

Sri Navasidhhi Parvathy isn’t just another divine entity. She surpasses the known realms of the Sri Chakra and stands unparalleled in her cosmic potency. Conceived specifically through the heightened powers and sacred requests of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji, this goddess actively bestows untold benefits upon those who wear the activated pendant, especially enriching the lives of women.

A Puja Unlike Any Other

Forget the strenuous rituals, the countless hours of mantra chanting, and the ambiguous benefits typical of other spiritual ceremonies. Our MAHA PUJA Program is designed to offer tangible, concrete benefits—delivering divine intervention in its purest form.

Multifaceted Benefits for the Modern Soul

Financial and Career Prosperity

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, who doesn’t wish for a boost in fortune and career growth? When you wear our activated pendant, financial obstacles dissolve as if touched by divine grace. The goddess Sri Navasidhhi Parvathy ensures a ceaseless flow of prosperity into your life.

Problem-Solving in Daily Life

Whether you’re grappling with health issues, family conflicts, or other challenges requiring resolution, our MAHA PUJA Program provides solutions you’ve been yearning for. Sri Navasidhhi Parvathy dispatches angels and goddesses to illuminate your path, offering intuitive guidance and even actively intervening to resolve dilemmas. Expect to experience visible changes within just 1 to 3 days.

Rapid Healing and Wellness

In the realm of health, the goddess’s blessings manifest as rapid healing and enhanced effectiveness of therapies and medications. Sri Navasidhhi Parvathy amplifies the healing processes, acting as a divine catalyst in your journey towards well-being.

Spiritual Ascension

For those on a spiritual quest, the activated pendant serves as a divine guide, accelerating your spiritual practices and deepening your inner connection to cosmic energies.

Unparalleled Safety and Protection

Above all, Sri Navasidhhi Parvathy acts as your celestial shield, guarding you against supernatural threats and harmful intentions from others, including various forms of evil and oppression.

Why Wait? Transform Your Life Today!

This is not merely a program; it’s a gateway to a divine world where miracles aren’t just hoped for—they’re expected. The MAHA PUJA Program offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dramatically transform every aspect of your life, enriching it with divine blessings, wisdom, and abundance.

Why Every Woman Should Consider Taking Part in Maha Puja?

A Journey Toward Empowerment and Spiritual Healing


We live in a world that often misunderstands the essence of spirituality, reducing it to a set of rituals and traditions. However, true spirituality has the transformative power to elevate our lives, guide us through complexities, and most importantly, offer solace in moments of despair. One such spiritually transformative experience is the Maha Puja, a sacred ritual rooted in ancient wisdom and empowered by the divine energy of Sri Navasiddhi Parvathy. But who should consider participating in this enriching spiritual ceremony? The answer is simple: Every woman who wishes to reclaim her inner power, seek divine protection, and achieve holistic well-being.

Who should take part in Maha Puja?

Women Seeking Protection from Abuse

Are you a woman who has faced, or is currently dealing with, any form of abuse, be it domestic or external? Maha Puja serves as a spiritual shield, protecting you from negative energies that may be affecting your life. It allows you to connect with a higher source of power that will help guard you against future maltreatment.

Teenage Girls

Sexual abuse is a haunting reality for far too many young women today. If you are a teenager or a parent of one, consider the Maha Puja as a fortifying ritual. It’s more than a religious ceremony; it’s a safeguard, empowering young women to better protect themselves from potential harm.

Women Struggling with Health Issues

If you find yourself perpetually unwell and conventional treatments seem to offer little relief, it’s time to look at healing from a spiritual perspective. The divine energies channeled during Maha Puja can facilitate the healing process, complementing the therapies or medical treatments you may be undergoing.

Businesswomen in Need of Guidance

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or climbing the corporate ladder, the road to success is fraught with challenges. Businesswomen can seek divine guidance through Maha Puja, invoking the wisdom and clarity required to make strategic decisions and achieve professional milestones.

Housewives Seeking Family Harmony

A harmonious home is a cornerstone of a fulfilling life, yet it often seems elusive. If you’re a housewife facing relational hurdles, Maha Puja can help. By fostering a positive spiritual environment, this ritual can be a catalyst in resolving conflicts and promoting family unity.


In a world that often feels disconnected from its spiritual roots, it’s essential to turn toward practices that elevate us. Maha Puja is not just a ritual; it’s a transformative experience. It can be your source of strength, wisdom, and healing in a complex world. If you find yourself in any of the categories mentioned above—or even if you’re just a seeker on the spiritual path—this is a door you should consider opening.

Take that step towards empowerment today; you have nothing to lose and a universe of spiritual richness to gain

Criteria for Selection of Shakti Acharya

Join us on this celestial journey and experience firsthand the ineffable power of Sri Navasidhhi Parvathy. Your path to a more prosperous, peaceful, and spiritually enlightened life awaits. To become the Shakty Acharya, please contact

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Age Requirement: The aspirant must be a woman aged 18 years or above.
  2. Course Completion: She must have successfully completed all modules, teachings, and practices of the Sri Navasiddhi Parvathi course under the guidance of a current Shakti Acharya.
  3. Community Building: The candidate must demonstrate her ability to contribute to the growth of the spiritual community by recruiting at least 5 new participants to be guided by her current Shakti Acharya.
  4. Must be a current SEP program student who completed the clairvoyance module or graduated SEP program.

By fulfilling these criteria, an aspirant confirms not only her dedication to the teachings of Sri Navasiddhi Parvathi but also her ability to inspire and guide others on their spiritual journeys.