Brahma Vidya Jothidam

Traditional astrology meets spiritual wisdom

For Astrologers, Health Therapists, Life Coaches, and Spiritual Seekers.

Brahma Vidya Jothidam is a training provided to Astrologers by Sri Pranaji. In this methodology, solutions for astrological issues comes with the help of easy to use spiritual solutions. The practice involves deep meditative techniques and energetic healings, aimed at resolving karmic ties and enhancing a person’s vibrational frequency.

Course Objectives

  • To provide a transformative approach to astrology.
  • To use energetic solutions for resolving karmic issues.
  • To deepen participants’ connection with divine insights.


  • A three-day intensive workshop filled with immersive training.
  • Techniques rooted in the teachings of Maharishi Parashara and Sage Agasthiar

Unique Features

  • A blend of ancient astrological wisdom and modern spiritual practices.
  • Focused on empowerment and personal development.

As one progresses in Brahma Vidya Jothidam, they realize that astrology is not a mere tool for prediction but a gateway to understanding the intricate dance of cosmic and spiritual energies. This realization opens up new dimensions of self-awareness and enlightenment, leading to a harmonious balance between the physical and the spiritual realms.

– Sri Pranaji