Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana

The Ultimate Science of Manifestation

“Just as there are scientific principles governing the physical universe, there are laws and techniques for effectively manifesting our inner desires and ambitions.” — Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji

Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana is a powerful spiritual methodology derived from ancient wisdom. This comprehensive course for personal growth and manifestation mastery brings about a transformative shift in your perception of life and the world, empowering you to effectively manifest your desires and realize your true potential.

The concept

Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana is a spiritual program designed to unlock the latent potential within every individual. We use a structured approach that combines the ancient wisdom of spirituality and the power of prayer, with the scientific methodology of the Markov Chain model.

Our aim is to empower individuals to transition from a state of spiritual unawareness to a state of spiritual enlightenment, thereby enabling them to create their desired reality through the power of manifestation. 

Our Model

The PBAP model is built on four key stages of spiritual development: Unaware, Aware, Practicing, and Witnessing.

Unaware – This is the initial state of spiritual oblivion, where an individual is focused primarily on the material world.

Aware – This stage signifies a spiritual awakening, triggered by contact with the teachings and practices of the PBAP program.

Practicing – Here, individuals actively engage in spiritual practices that reinforce their newfound knowledge and align them with the ultimate reality.

Witnessing – At this stage, individuals witness the transformative effects of their spiritual practice, as they experience peace, contentment, and a profound sense of connection with all beings.


Direct Connection with the Divine:

Unlike many spiritual practices that require intermediaries or symbols, Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana emphasizes a direct, personal connection with the Supreme Brahman. This may provide practitioners with a more intimate and empowering spiritual experience.

Holistic Development

Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana goes beyond achieving specific desires to include overall spiritual growth and personal development. It involves cultivating virtues like compassion, humility, and devotion, providing a holistic approach compared to methodologies like life coaching or counseling, which might focus more on specific areas.

Balanced Approach

Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana encourages a balance between personal effort and divine grace. This contrasts with practices such as the Law of Attraction, which tend to place the full responsibility for life outcomes on the individual’s thoughts and emotions.

Active Spiritual Participation

The practice requires active participation, engaging the practitioner in a dynamic process of spiritual growth and transformation. This distinguishes it from more passive forms of prayer common in many religious traditions.

Experimental Approach

The practice encourages practitioners to observe the effects of their prayers in a tangible manner, providing practical, experiential evidence of spiritual progress. This contrasts with practices that rely purely on faith or belief.

Universal Application

The practice can be embraced by individuals from various religious backgrounds, making it a flexible and inclusive spiritual methodology.

Here is an example

In this extraordinary program, “Para Brahmanya Atma Prathana,” you will witness the incredible healing power of a simple utterance of words. Guided by Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji, this sacred channel reveals how the divine energy, harnessed through the power of words can bring healing to the masses. In a 10-second video, Sri Pranaji demonstrates the transformative effects of this practice.

As you watch the video, you will witness the profound impact of the uttered word on the collective consciousness. After the demonstration, you will be encouraged to close your eyes and connect with the energy flow. Feel the profound healing energy that permeates through your being, bringing solace and relief even for simple ailments.

Multidisciplinary nature of the Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana program

 In the Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana program, we have integrated principles of neurology, psychology, and quantum physics in a manner that enhances the spiritual journey of the participants. Here is how we’ve done this:

1. Interplay of Disciplines : Our program acknowledges the profound link between spirituality, neurology, psychology, and quantum physics. We kick-start our program by acquainting participants with this interconnectedness, opening up a discussion on how spiritual practices can induce positive alterations in our neurological functioning, psychological well-being, and tie into quantum physics.

2. Neurological Impacts of Meditation: The Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana program embodies various meditation techniques, such as mindfulness, loving-kindness, and focused attention practices. We guide participants through these exercises, not only to benefit from their calming effects, but also to comprehend how these practices are neurologically affecting us, shaping our consciousness and perception of reality.

3. The Psychological Dimension of Spirituality: Our program delves deep into the psychological advantages of spiritual practices. Participants engage in purposeful activities meant to cultivate gratitude, compassion, and empathy, understanding the positive psychological implications of these emotions. We explore the role of belief systems, presenting how these shape our reality and experiences.

4. Spirituality Meets Quantum Physics: Quantum physics, though intricate, is broken down in our program to be understood in terms of its spiritual relevance. We illuminate the principles of interconnectedness and the observer effect, demonstrating how these align with concepts found in spirituality. Visualization exercises are included to help participants intuitively grasp these quantum principles.

5. Integration Practices: The Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana program encourages the application of the learned principles into everyday life. It offers techniques for maintaining a regular meditation practice, for integrating psychological insights into day-to-day activities, and for constantly invoking the principles of quantum interconnectedness, which nurtures a sense of unity with the universe.

6. Continued Support and Discussion: Our program ensures that learning and growth are ongoing processes. We’ve incorporated regular check-ins and opportunities for discussion. Participants can share experiences, seek clarifications, and deepen their understanding of the interplay between spirituality, neurology, psychology, and quantum physics.

In the Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana program, we emphasize an open, exploratory attitude. We believe this is crucial in aiding participants to navigate through these interconnected disciplines while bolstering their spiritual journey.

Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana (PBAP) program and the Law of Attraction

While both the Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana (PBAP) program and the Law of Attraction share some conceptual overlap, they are distinct in various ways.

  1. Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana and the Law of Attraction are fundamentally different concepts. The former emphasizes direct communication between the individual soul and the highest universal spirit, while the latter centers on the power of thought and belief to manifest reality.

  2. In the Jothi Siddhar tradition, an established connection with the divine is necessary for prayers to be effectively answered, contrasting with the Law of Attraction’s assertion that thoughts alone can create reality.

  3. Diksha is the process through which this divine connection is consciously and intentionally established in the Jothi Siddhar tradition. This process is given by an empowered spiritual teacher or acharya.

  4. The effectiveness of Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana can be more readily tested than the Law of Attraction. Once the divine connection is activated via diksha, the practitioner can engage in specific practices to observe the influence of their prayers and actions.

  5. Scriptural references in ancient texts like the Bhagavad Gita and the Mundaka Upanishad validate the practice of Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana and the role of a spiritual teacher in facilitating a divine connection.

  6. The Law of Attraction lacks such scriptural backing, giving Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana a historical and spiritual depth that the Law of Attraction may lack.

  7. In conclusion, Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana offers a comprehensive, tangible, and tested approach to spiritual manifestation. It goes beyond the limitations of positive thinking, providing an experiential path to spiritual growth and transformation.

  8. This practice is explained in detail in a manual, guiding practitioners through the process with concepts, examples, guidelines, and methodology.


Acharyas qualified to conduct the workshop

Unlock your potentials from your home through captivating online workshop today.

Jothi Siddhar Jothinanda

Jothi Siddhar Jothinanda


Jothi Siddhar Arul Jothi

Jothi Siddhar Arul Jothi


Jothi Siddhar Chitrama

Jothi Siddhar Chitrama


Jothi Siddhar Atma Jothi

Jothi Siddhar Atma Jothi


Frequently Asked Questions

Please go through the following FAQs to understand the common questions and their answers related to this program. 

What is Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana?

Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana is a spiritual practice rooted in the Jothi Siddhar tradition that focuses on establishing a direct connection between the individual soul (Atma) and the supreme universal spirit (Para Brahman).

How does Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana differ from the Law of Attraction?

Unlike the Law of Attraction that emphasizes the power of positive thought for manifestation, Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana involves a spiritual initiation called diksha to establish a connection with the divine. This practice relies on an active engagement and conscious connection with the divine for effective prayer and manifestation.

What is diksha?

Diksha is a spiritual initiation or transmission of divine energy from an empowered acharya or spiritual teacher. This is considered a necessary step in establishing a divine connection in the practice of Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana.

How can one perceive the effectiveness of Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana?

After receiving diksha and establishing a divine connection, the disciple can engage in specific practices and experiments to perceive the influence of their prayers and actions. For instance, charging a space with positive energy through prayer and observing the changes in the atmosphere. There is also an empirical technique to ascertain the growth of the power of manifestation which no system is able to provide yet

What is the role of a spiritual teacher or guru in this practice?

A spiritual teacher or guru guides the disciple through the process of establishing a divine connection. They facilitate the transmission of divine energy (diksha), provide guidance on spiritual practices, and assist in interpreting and understanding the experiences that arise during the process.

How is the concept of karma related to Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana?

Karma, the law of cause and effect, plays a significant role in understanding why some prayers may not be answered. Every action generates a consequence, and this principle is upheld in the manifestation process. Therefore, a disciple’s past actions may influence the outcome of their prayers.

Is Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana tied to a specific religion?

Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana is not tied to a specific religion. It is a spiritual practice that comes from the Jothi Siddhar tradition, which focuses on a direct connection with the divine, transcending religious boundaries.

How can Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana help in personal growth?

Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana is a spiritual practice that encourages self-awareness, introspection, and conscious communication with the divine. By establishing a connection with the divine, one can gain a greater understanding of oneself, their purpose, and their place in the universe, leading to personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Can Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana be used for material gain?

Yes, Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana can be used for material gain. The practice involves a conscious and intentional communication with the Para Brahman, the universal divine consciousness. While the primary focus of the practice is spiritual enlightenment, personal growth, and alignment with cosmic laws, the process also enables the practitioner to manifest their material desires.

As such, Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana is a powerful tool not just for spiritual development, but also for navigating life circumstances and manifesting material desires, always within the framework of cosmic harmony and wisdom.

Does Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana require a specific lifestyle or dietary rules?

There is no specific lifestyle or dietary rule associated with Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana. However, as with any spiritual practice, a balanced and ethical lifestyle conducive to mental clarity and health is beneficial. Specific guidelines may be provided by the spiritual teacher or guru guiding the disciple through the practice.

will other spiritual follower can learn this

Yes, indeed, followers of different spiritual traditions can learn the art of Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana. While the tradition is deeply rooted in the Jothi Siddhar tradition, its core principles revolve around universal spiritual concepts such as the power of the soul (Atma) and the connection with the universal divine consciousness (Para Brahman).

This is a knowledge that transcends religious and spiritual boundaries, as it is about the inherent power and divine potential within each individual. Many enlightened gurus, regardless of their specific tradition, recognize the power of the Atma and would support their followers in learning about and practicing Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana.

In essence, any spiritual aspirant who is open to learning and growing in their spiritual journey can benefit from this practice. It can deepen their understanding of themselves and the universe, and provide practical tools for manifesting their prayers and desires.

Who is Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji

Welcome to the world of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji, a remarkable spiritual leader and teacher, whose contributions to the Siddha philosophy and the Shakty Enlightenment Program have left an indelible mark on the spiritual landscape. Sri Pranaji’s profound knowledge of various spiritual practices and techniques has empowered countless individuals on their spiritual journeys.

At the heart of Sri Pranaji’s teachings lies love, compassion, and understanding – the fundamental principles of the Siddha philosophy. His mission is not to amass followers but to empower his students to become masters in their own right. He believes in guiding individuals to find their unique paths to enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment.

One of Sri Pranaji’s significant contributions is the imbuing of the statue of Jothi Siddhar with a part of the universal consciousness, allowing it to offer guidance and solutions to those seeking help. This practice, along with other techniques he endorses, is meant to complement existing beliefs and faith, not replace them. Sri Pranaji does not seek worship or adulation but sees himself as a guide and teacher, aiding others in their spiritual growth.

Sri Pranaji’s impact goes beyond his teachings, as he has pioneered several spiritual and healing practices. Notably, he founded the Siddha Applied Science Institute and the Malaysian Varma Kalai Society. His bestselling book, “Autism and Varma Therapy: A Parents Guide,” has been translated into multiple languages, showcasing his commitment to helping others.

Sri Pranaji’s innovative contributions to spiritual practices and energy healing have been transformative. He introduced the NCRP Method, Siddha Turiya Meditation, Healing with Bliss, Siddha Inner Power, and Siddha Inner Beauty, all of which have helped countless individuals experience personal growth and healing.

Sri Pranaji’s contributions to spiritual and healing practices

Not shying away from breaking traditional exclusivity, Sri Pranaji has extended Kundalini Shaktipat and spread the practice of Ananda Siddhi globally through a Deeksha process. His dedication to working with autistic children using Varmam therapy has gained widespread recognition and admiration.

As the founder of his own unique healing system, varma and energy therapy, and the creator of Manokalpa – an energy healing approach for psychological and mental issues – Sri Pranaji’s expertise in the field of energy healing is well-celebrated worldwide.

Despite his immense accomplishments and global recognition, Sri Pranaji remains humble and focused on creating innovative solutions for contemporary issues. He is a true servant of humanity, using his knowledge and skills to bring positive transformation to the lives of others on their spiritual paths.

Explore the teachings and practices of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji and embark on a journey of self-discovery, enlightenment, and service to others. Embrace the wisdom he shares, and may you find the guidance you seek on your spiritual voyage.

Core of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji’s philosophy

At the core of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji’s philosophy lies a unique and progressive approach to spiritual guidance and transformation. He believes in creating gurus, not disciples, empowering individuals to become masters of their own destinies. His teachings revolve around several key principles:

  1. Create Guru, Not Disciple: Sri Pranaji emphasizes the importance of empowering individuals to become their own spiritual guides. Instead of fostering a hierarchical relationship of master and follower, he encourages his students to cultivate their inner wisdom and authority. Through his teachings, he instills the confidence and knowledge needed for individuals to navigate their own spiritual journeys and develop a deeper connection with their true selves.
  2. Innovative Solutions: Sri Pranaji advocates for the use of spiritual knowledge to provide practical solutions to contemporary challenges. Rather than adhering rigidly to old and outdated techniques, he encourages adaptability and creativity in finding solutions that address the specific needs of individuals and society. This innovative approach to spirituality ensures that his teachings remain relevant and effective in the modern world.
  3. Practical Application: Sri Pranaji’s teachings emphasize the practical application of spiritual knowledge. He believes that spirituality should not remain confined to theoretical discussions but should be put into action to bring about positive change in one’s life and the lives of others. His emphasis on practicality encourages his students to integrate spiritual practices into their daily routines to experience genuine transformation.
  4. Talk Less, Work More: Sri Pranaji leads by example, embodying the principle of “talk less, work more.” He believes that actions speak louder than words and that spiritual leaders should demonstrate their teachings through their deeds. By practicing what he preaches, Sri Pranaji inspires others to follow the path of selfless service and dedication to the well-being of humanity.

Through these foundational principles, Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji seeks to create a community of enlightened individuals who not only find their own paths to spiritual growth but also actively contribute to the betterment of the world around them. His philosophy encourages self-reliance, continuous learning, and a compassionate outlook toward others, fostering a harmonious and enlightened society.

 Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji “Tesla of spiritual invention”

Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji, with his deep knowledge of Siddha philosophy and spiritual practices, has contributed significantly to various fields, providing innovative solutions and inventions that have had a profound impact on the well-being of individuals and society. Here is a list of some of his notable inventions and solutions using Siddha knowledge:

1. Founder of the Siddha Applied Science Institute: Sri Pranaji established the Siddha Applied Science Institute, which serves as a center for learning and research, propagating the ancient wisdom of Siddha knowledge and its practical applications.

2. Founder of the Malaysian Varma Kalai Society: Sri Pranaji founded the Malaysian Varma Kalai Society, an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the ancient art of Varma Kalai, an ancient Indian system of healing and martial arts.

3. Pioneer in spreading the Siddha System globally: Sri Pranaji played a pioneering role in disseminating the teachings of the Siddha System of spirituality and healing beyond the traditional boundaries, making it accessible to people worldwide.

4. Pioneer in Cosmic Energy-Enhanced Natural Medicine: Sri Pranaji introduced the concept of Cosmic Energy-Enhanced Natural Medicine, utilizing spiritual energy to enhance the healing properties of natural remedies.

5. Siddha Arokia Deham Kriya: Sri Pranaji devised the Siddha Arokia Deham Kriya, a process aimed at simplifying the science of disease-less bodies, promoting health and well-being.

6. Creator of NCRP Method, Siddha Turiya Meditation, Healing with Bliss, Siddha Inner Power, and Siddha Inner Beauty: Sri Pranaji developed a range of transformative practices and meditative techniques to empower individuals on their spiritual journeys.

7. Inclusive Kundalini Shaktipat: Sri Pranaji challenged traditional exclusivity by offering Kundalini Shaktipat to individuals outside his lineage, spreading the transformative practice of Kundalini awakening.

8. Ananda Siddhi Practice: Through a Deeksha process, Sri Pranaji globalized the practice of Ananda Siddhi, helping individuals attain spiritual bliss and higher states of consciousness.

9. Varmam Therapy for Autistic Children: Sri Pranaji pioneered the use of Varmam therapy for children with autism and continued to invent various therapies to address emerging health challenges.

10. Varma and Energy Therapy: Sri Pranaji founded his own unique system of healing called Varma and energy therapy, which has proven effective in addressing various health issues, including providing solutions for diseases like autoimmune conditions and cancer.

11. Energetic Kayakalpa: Sri Pranaji introduced Energetic Kayakalpa, a practice that revitalizes and rejuvenates the body and mind.

12. Activation-based Jing Chi Shen: Sri Pranaji’s teachings include Activation-based Jing Chi Shen, a process that focuses on awakening and harnessing spiritual energy for holistic well-being.

13. Para Brahmanya Atma Parthana: Sri Pranaji created the Para Brahmanya Atma Parthana program, which goes beyond the law of attraction, offering profound spiritual insights and practices for personal growth and transformation.

14. Innovations in Distance/Online Healing: Sri Pranaji was one of the pioneers in offering distance/online healing sessions for acupuncture, acupressure, and Varma therapy, making healing accessible to people regardless of their location.

Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji’s contributions to spiritual knowledge and healing have been groundbreaking and have positively impacted the lives of many individuals around the world. His innovative approaches continue to inspire and guide spiritual seekers and practitioners in their quest for enlightenment and well-being.