Pitru Kula Marga Anugraha

A New Dimension in Astrological Empowerment

The Pitru Kula Marga Anugraha system creates a spiritual connection between you and your ancestral guide through a specially activated stone. This system allows communication without the need for psychic abilities or rituals. Sri Pranaji’s innovative approach makes these ancient systems accessible to everyone, seamlessly integrating them into daily life. This ensures clarity and direction in a simplified manner, making it suitable for modern living.


Instant Decision Making Guidance

For example, let’s say that a person is facing a career choice. The individual consults their ancestors through the PitruKulaMarga Anugraha method. They experience clarity in descision and confidence, choosing a path that aligns with their strengths and family values, empowered by ancestral insight.

Ancestral Blessings for Material Issues

Before making a significant investment or material decisions, an individual may seek ancestral blessings. They will notice signs or intuitive feelings that guide them towards a decision that proves to be financially beneficial.

Protection and Help for Family Members

Concerned about a child’s or family’s safety during a trip or specific situations? As a parent, you can asks for ancestral protection. The child will be protected by ancestors and the parent can relax peacefully.

Answers for any questions

The system provides you answers to any questions that you may need in your life. Be in marriage, education, important descisions when you are in life’s cross roads.

Why is this different?

Wisdom of Your Ancestors

Imagine having a direct line to the wisdom of your ancestors, the protective insight of your ‘Kuladeivam’ or guardian angel. They are ever-ready to provide you with the answers and direction you seek.

No Spiritual Sensitivity Required

The speciality of this program – No spiritual sensitivity or clairvoyance is required. You don’t need to be inherently attuned to the spiritual realm to benefit from this program. This is suitable for common man.

Ritual-Free Approach

This approach is a ritual-free approach, saying goodbye to complex rituals. This means the program is perfectly tailored for the modern individual who seeks simplicity.

Inclusive and Accessible

Irrespective of your spiritual background or experience, this method is designed for everyone. It’s your personal compass in navigating life’s myriad paths, ensuring that you’re never alone or directionless.

Get initiated

1. Send your request

Send the request for online activation by placing an online order. This request is only for the diksha. Stone that needs to be connected to the ancestors has to be purchased by you as detailed in the nex step.

2. Get your stone

Choose a stone of a size that can be comfortably placed in your home and is easy to touch for connection purposes. Please see the following recommended shapes:

Recommendation - 1

Recommendation - 2
Recommendation - 3

3. Send the photograph

Once you have selected your stone, take a photograph of yourself holding the stone in your palm. Ensure that your face is clearly visible in the photo. Email this photograph to the address provided to after submitting the request in the step 1.

4. The activation process

After your photograph is received, our team will initiate the activation process for your stone. You will receive a confirmation email once the activation is complete. This email will include detailed instructions on how to utilize the Pitru Kula Marga Anugraha effectively, with easy-to-follow steps.


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