Solutions for life

Spirituality is not only for those seeking God. It can also be used for progress in material life. Here are Sri Pranaji’s innovative solutions for life, the Siddha Way!

Bring the power of Siddha into your daily routines; watch as your material life blossoms with spiritual power, the Siddha Way!

Online, anytime, anywhere

Powerful solutions that are open for all.

Light Shield from
Sri Pranaji

Protection from negative energies & entities

Individual & Group Diksha Sessions

Collection of Online & In-Person Dikshas done by our Acharyas. 

Kala Bhairava Vimokti Sadhana

Trapped in continuous set backs, emotional turmoil, dark energies and lack of harmony?

Mahalakshmi Diksha

Prosperity & Abundance through direct connection with Mahalakshmi

Pitrukala Marga Anugraha

Blessings & guidance from Ancestors for almost anything in life

Para Brahmanaya Atma Prarthana

The highest form of manifestation

Brahma Vidya Jothidam

Astrology Meets Spiritual Enlightenment

Solution for Farmers

Energy is not only for individual peace pr spiritual progress. It has applications on other areas of life too!

Yantra Farming

Energy based fertilizer and pest control, open for all farmers.

Want to manage stress?

Visit our meditation center.

Meditation Center

Get ready for a mystical ride!

Looking for Healing?

Get ready to be surprised.


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