Siddha Memory Empowerment

Improve your Memory, and improve your Test Results, your Health, your Life, your Career, and your Relationships!

The Siddha memory power empowerment program is based on ancient Siddha methodologies which have been modified and combined with modern techniques to suit today’s jam-packed, busy and interactive learning environment . The Siddha’s holistic understanding of the energy structure of the brain, and a simple empowerment to enhance the memory component of the brain are used to achieve stable and excellent results in the strengthening of memory, or the ability to store and retrieve information. This program is especially suited for young students, but will also greatly benefit the adult learner.

Powerful Results of the Program:

  • Improves your memory  [YOU WILL LEARN MORE IN SHORTER TIME]
  • Improves your concentration [YOU WILL BECOME MORE RECEPTIVE]
  • Improves your creativity  [YOU WILL BE MORE INNOVATIVE]
  • Improves your athletic ability  [YOU WILL BECOME MORE PHYSICALLY TALENTED]
  • Balances your use of the right and left brain hemispheres  [PROMOTES THE BALANCING OF YOUR CHARACTER]
  • Reduces your stress levels and eases daily interactions  [BRINGS LIFE INTO BALANCED]

 Work Better, not Harder!

There are many Memory or Learning skills programs currently conducted, but they are all based on technique or method teaching and totally dependent on the students’ interest in practicing. Most students do not practice at home. This is not entirely their fault, as this issue is compounded by the way today’s society over-burdens children with duties and expectations from teachers and parents.

The human brain has a tremendous capacity to grasp information, store it and recall it whenever needed. We can broadly classify the memory into two components: short term and long term. Every bite of information taken in goes directly to the short term memory storehouse, and if our mind determines it to be important, it is transferred to the long term storehouse. If we determine that the information is not important, or we don’t like the information, it is not transferred to long term memory.

So, its quite obvious that youth will excel in the subjects which they love/like. With the Siddha memory empowerment program, the diksha & training given will directly transfer all information received into long term memory, and it will be easy to access that memory whenever needed, whether or not the student has an interest in the subject. For example, after the Siddha Memory Empowerment training, math was taught to art students. They then were given math problems to solve. The results of their efforts were much better than that of the science students.The Siddha system balances the right and left sides of the brain, so that the mind will function well in any kind of stressful situation.

 It’s all about Energy!

The Siddhas have devised a system called diksha (activation or empowerment). In this system, energy is used to modify the brain in a subtle way and to reprogram the brain’s neurons to increase functional memory power. Through the use of this energetic system, there is a very minimal amount of teaching or instruction required, akin to a ‘Plug and Play’ system. It is very safe with no side effects because it is completely based in nature. Siddha Science is the science of correcting the energy field, and is built upon the foundation of General Science and Energy Laws:

  • Energy is responsible for everything that happens.
  • Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be converted from one form to another or into a required form.
  • Energy can be transferred and utilized.
  • Every item in the Universe has its own Energy Field and can be manipulated.

 Join the Siddha Memory Empowerment Program and Unleash the True Potential of Your Mind and its Memory Power.


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