Shiva Solution

Salvation and quick help from the son of Lord Shiva

Salvation and quick help from the son of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is known to have two sons — the lovable elephant-headed god Ganesha, the destroyer of obstacles and Lord Kartikeya, the god of war. However, legend has it that Lord Shiva had six sons in all, which included Lord Ayyappa, worshipped in south India and Bhauma, who was born to Bhumi Devi or Mother Earth when a drop of Shiva’s sweat fell upon her when he was deep in meditation. Also, the Shivanandana know as Vishnumaya in Kerala region.


Each of these Manifestations of Shiva has different virtues and power that Lord Shiva has given for mankind. Somehow each of them become a religion over time and was worshiped separately. 


The Shiva solutions are the way we combine all these 3 powerful manifestation that now given to mankind without the religious ritual and to the people in the world beyond belief and cultural system.

Sri Pranaji and his Acharyas are here to bring his power and wisdom to help you solve problems and make your life’s journey smoother and better. Lord can bring dissolve the blocks to the flow of love and bring a sense of peace-filled life with a deeper sense of love and joy. He can help in accelerated spiritual experience and development, regardless of your system of beliefs…!

Solutions offered

Receive the endless Blessing

The power and wisdom of Lord Shiva’s sons are now can be shared globally as the time is right for it now. The dark ages need this golden shine.


  • Karmic removal and spiritual guidance
  • Healing for karmic-based disease.
  • Remove of obstacle in career and business
  • Remove negativity of any form from any source.
  • Solving all family issues
  • Solutions for childless couples
  • Shield and protection from negativity
  • Solution for education
  • Solution for Prosperity
  • Solution for Astrology Dosha

He has granted full access to him and his power and we will use it properly to help mankind. The son Shiva and Parvathi are now ready to take a journey to your home away from his abode.

About the Lords

Son of Lord Shiva

Lord Muruga

Lord Murugan, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is a much revered deity of Hindus especially in South India. He is known by various names like Murugan, Shanmukha (Shanmuga), Subramanian, Shadanana, Guha, Senthil, Saravana, Kumaraswamy and Skanda,Murugan is quintessentially brave, intelligent, and perfection personified because of which he is worshiped as the god of war and victory. He is also the brave leader of god’s forces and was created to destroy demons, symbolizing negative tendencies of human beings. In North of India, Murugan, also called Kartikeya, is believed to be the elder son of Shiva and Parvati but his devotees in South believe him to be the younger son with Ganesha being the elder offspring of Shiva and Parvati.


Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is the name of the God of wisdom , son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Ganesha is worshipped before any other God in Hindu mythology and popularly known as Vighnharta, the Lord of remover of all obstacles. Ganesha is considered to be the Lord of letters and learning. 

Ganesha teaches us to avoid ego and arrogance. Without wisdom power is ruthless. Ganesha gives the wisdom to deal every problem with calmness and peace. Among all Gods, Ganesha was chosen to be worshipped first. It was his love for his parents that he won the hearts of all Deities.


Lord Shivanandhana

The incarnation, known as Kukshi Shasthavu in Sanskrit and the son of Siva was the personification of fury, who was to kill Bhrumgasura who had gained the boon from Brahma that he should not be killed by any weapon. He is also known as Vishnumaya in Kerala. He assumed the appearance of Vishnu with his Maya and prostrated before Parameshwara who was surrounded by his followers, the Bhootaganas. Waking up from his meditative slumber Paramashiva blessed him with his palms on his head and affectionately made him sit on his lap. Lord Shiva then pronounced that since he had assumed the form of Vishnu with his Maya, he would also be known as Vishnumaya.


Sree Mahadeva told his son about the creation, evolution, the present state, and the final dissolution of the world. He also advised him on devotion, knowledge, and meditation as the ways for seeking salvation. He then told him, ’Son, your mother, the personification of all power, is here. Go and prostrate before her.’ As he reached near her, he was excited to hear the sweet and loving voice of his mother and prostrated before her. The mother, the manifestation of power, held him close and made him sit on her lap. She then told her son that Bhrumgasuran has been troubling the world for a long time, as he is strengthened by the boons he got from Brahma. The object of your birth is to kill him. I bestow on you the excessive power that is in my possession”.

How to participate

Shiva Solutions are provided to the general public through Pranashakty’s Upasagar. Please contact them through the following link. There are no pre-requisites for receiving the solution.

To become a Upasagar, one must be a Pranashakty Acharya or must have completed the 3rd year training of Shakty Enlightenment Program. Upasagar training is available only for males due to mythological significance and regulations related to diety.