The Shiva Experience

Instructions for participants

The event has been completed. We will send the instructions for daily practice to the registered participants.

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12 AM, 01 March 2022 – CompletedFind local time
6 AM, 01 March 2022 – Completed
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12 PM, 01 March 2022 – CompletedFind your time
6 PM, 01 March 2022 – CompletedFind your time

Prepare 10 minutes before meditation

  • Find your quiet spot and sit comfortably.
  • You may sit on a chair or the floor in a cross-legged position.
  • Sit up with your back straight.
  • Take a few deep breaths and relax.

Start the meditation

  • Click the following “Start Meditation” button.
  • In the next page, you will see an image of Lord Shiva. Please watch the image. It will act as the connection between you and the energy source on the day of the event.
  • As you watch the image, chant “OM NAMAH SHIVA YA” 108 times.
  • Once done, close your eyes. Then, you may continue to sit or lie down and relax, watching your breath.
  • During this time, you will enter the dimension of lord shiva specifically related to his power of granting karma clearance.
  • You may stay in that state for 20 to 30 minutes or more. 

After meditation

  • Open your eyes slowly.
  • If you prefer, express gratitude to the divine for this opportunity
  • Share the feedback with us using the form below
  • We will send instructions for daily practice in a separate email.

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