Shiva Consciousness  Meditation

8 Aug 2021

This meditation is open for all. But this is also a great opportunity for families who are restricted from doing proper ancestral rituals due to pandemic. Tomorrow, on 8th Aug 2021, after tarpanam rituals for ancestors, use this opportunity to pray to lord Shiva for blesssing for departed souls. Aadi Amavasi (the no moon time) has been followed as an auspicious day for departed ones. Best time to do is in the early morning , during sun rise. This meditation also helps spiritual aspirants. They can use this as an opportunity for tuning in to higher consciousness.


  1. This meditation is best to be done at sun rise. If you are doing Tarpanam (Hindu way of doing ancestral prayers), please do this meditation right after the rituals. Others can start with prayer to all ancestors and then proceed to next step. 
  2. Look at the image with full faith until your mind starts going to a meditative state. You may start to feel lesser thoughts or may feel the higher consciousness take over.
  3. Close your eyes and meditate as much as you want.
  4. If done with full Bhakti, you may get darshan of the Lord Siva himself.

Our Guru Sri Pranaji made this possible through advanced spiritual techniques for connection to Shiva consciousness. Please share feedback after you try this.

Image for Meditation