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Welcome to the Shakty Enlightenment Program

The Shakty Enlightenment Program (SEP), created by the visionary Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji, is a groundbreaking spiritual training designed to awaken your inner potential and guide you towards true enlightenment. SEP transcends theoretical teachings and offers an experiential path that integrates ancient wisdom with modern understanding.

Let us change it now.

Does enlightenment take a lifetime of practice?

Genuine spiritual seekers face many challenges before they can dream of achieving enlightenment. After searching for a true Guru for many lives, they find that there is no time-bound training and or guarantee of success. Uncertainties presented by the training methodologies and too many claims & pathways put seekers in a baffled state. After starting the training, the full responsibility for success is fixed on the students themselves.
Let us change it now.

New Class of SEP

  1. Starting in Moscow, Russia September 13th to 15th.
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  2. Starting In Mumbai, India, October  8th to 9th.
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  3. Starting In Dubai UAE from December 17th to 18th. To register,
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On Going Class

  1. Hamburg,Germany
  2. Basel, Switzerland
  3. Innsbruck, Austria
  4. Dubai, UAE
  5. Mumbai,India
  6. Surat, Gujarat India

& with Clear Path

The Siddha Way!
For those who complete Shakty Enightenment Program, this will be their last birth.
The Shakty Enlightenment Program (SEP) is a 5-year spiritual training directly handled by Jothi Siddhar  Sri Pranaji.  It is designed with cultural diversity in mind and ensures excellent communication between Guru and disciple and with end result

About the Program

What is the Shakty Enlightenment Program?

SEP is a comprehensive five-year journey tailored for individuals seeking profound spiritual growth while balancing active lives. This program combines the rich traditions of Siddha Yoga with the transformative power of modern spiritual practices, ensuring a holistic approach to enlightenment.

Program Highlights:

  • Personal Guidance: Direct teachings from Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji.
  • Ancient Techniques: Practices from Siddha, Sufi, Tao, and Buddhist traditions.
  • Holistic Approach: Meditation, breathwork, and energy practices for comprehensive spiritual development.
Sri Pranaji and his Jothi Siddhar Lineage need no introduction to the spiritual world. Apart from spiritual training, he is known for his mastery of healing, the development of a complete healing system, and the creation of thousands of healers worldwide.

“My quest for enlightenment led me to many real & fake Gurus, failures, and I spent years walking the wrong path till I met a true Guru. I accept and acknowledge all those experiences. They helped in setting me up for the next level of spiritual development. SEP was created based on my experience of success and failures. It is a straightforward process that anyone can follow.”

Jothi Siddhar  Sri Pranaji

PS. Just to know the spiritual power of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji. Just watch or focus on the image of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji for 30 plus and mentally repeat “sri Pranaji” after that close you eye for 5 to 10 minutes to experience the Thuriya state.

SEP – The Siddha Way

Through samyama (the merging of focus, meditation, and divine union) the samadhi process comes to life. Your past karmas are burned off, your divine potential is fully awakened, and Jeeva (individuated consciousness) is enlightened.

Why is it called Shakty Enlightenment?
This program is based on a system where Jeevatma is considered as shakty and atma is considered as Shiva. The first stage is to free jeevatma from the body concept and achieve self-realization and after this where you go for God-Realization where you understand paraatma and merge jeevatma with paraatma and reach the pick of spiritual realization or God-Realization.

Awaken the unlimited power of your soul

From healing, kayakalpa to manifest desire and wish gift that you will get and do it yourself

Activate Jeevatma & achieve freedom from body

This only direct proof that you are not just body but beyond the meaning of “aham brahma asmi” will be realised fully

Discover your true self and your purpose in life

All the question of who am I, where I come from , where I go after this  will answered thru experience.

Overcome your fear of death

Overcome your fear of death and bad karma. Life will be in your control

Create your own unique spiritual energy system

Create your own unique spiritual energy system and how to harness it. The power of creation in your hand

Shape life according to your wil

Shape life according to your will. What else you want in this life?

You have immersed yourself in the wisdom of countless books, delved into thousands of enlightening videos, sat in the presence of masters during Satsangs, and practiced yoga with unwavering dedication. Yet, amidst this vast ocean of knowledge, the profound experience of true self-realization eludes you. The essence of who you truly are remains a mystery, obscured by the interpretations and teachings of others. Your aspiration to aid humanity is genuine, but the ancient methods you’ve encountered seem disconnected from the current collective consciousness and the unique challenges of our time. If this resonates with your journey, the Shakty Enlightenment Program is your path to transformative enlightenment.
– Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji

Detailed insights

The Shakty Enlightenment Program is meticulously designed to lead you towards enlightenment, awakening, and mastery of Siddhis and Riddhis. Siddhis are the extraordinary abilities innate to every human being, while Riddhis represent the wealth and abundance that emerge from spiritual power. Although traditionally seen as potential obstacles to self-realization, understanding and mastering these elements is essential for a complete spiritual journey. Our goal is not to transform you into a superhuman, but to cultivate you as a true master and guru, endowed with comprehensive spiritual knowledge. The SEP training is conducted in person, complemented by online guidance as needed, ensuring continuous support on your path to enlightenment.

Year 1: Foundations of Enlightenment

2 training sessions, each 2-3 days in duration


Focus Areas: Fundamentals of enlightenment, initiation to Moola Mantra, Kundalini awakening, and third-eye opening.

Year 2: Advanced Practices

2 training sessions, each 2-3 days in duration
  • Focus Areas: Atma Kriya Sadhana, Jeevatma travel, exploring dimensions, and understanding various dimension including post-death dimension or realms.

Year 3: Mastery of Siddhis with samyama

1 training session, 5-6 days in duration
  • Focus Areas: Samyama practice, Jeevatma abilities,Acquiring Siddhis, understanding Aham Brahmasmi, and practicing Jeeva travel to various knowledge aguiring from yogi siddha .

Year 4:  Wisdom and truth

1 training session, 5-6 days in duration
  • Practice the Siddhis of healing yourself and others’ abilities.
  • Understand where the body’s / jadam’s potential ends, and where the spiritual body’s / anma’s potential begins.
  • Go to the past, present, and future.
  • Learn the fundamentals of acquiring knowledge from a rishi, guru, yogi, siddha, or any spiritual master, including angels – and God.
  • Learn fundamentals of making mantra, creating energy
  • Create meditation for various applications

Year 5:Enlighment, Integration and Mastery

1 training session, 5-6 days in duration
  • Granting full enlightenment and understanding of the secret of existence.
  • Experience Parakaya Pravesha – how a soul may enter the body of another.
  • Become a real Siddha. Use your energy to create therapies and solutions for humankind.
  • To graduate, you must demonstrate one or two new healing energies, a complete therapy system for a chosen subject, and create a solution to a current world issue in the spiritual or material domain.
  • Graduation and completion of the Shakti Enlightenment Program.

Course Timing

SEP training is usually conducted between 10 AM to 5 PM during the course; however, Pranaji may choose to modify this based on the group’s training and development needs.

Pre-requisite : Dedication & unwavering commitment

SEP methodology is simple but the fascinating transformations need your reasonable effort. Only those who are very committed, responsible, and with a mind to surrender to the divinity are invited.  We respect any form of previous energy-based practices that have inspired you to take this path but it is important you had attended  Jothi Body of light  or Siddha Inner power training.

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From those who experienced it

All you need is dedication and unwavering commitment. The SEP methodology is simple, but your transformation will require a reasonable effort. Only those who are very committed, responsible, and with a mind to surrender to the divine are invited to join us.