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For those who seek enlightenment

Shakty Enlightenment Program (SEP) is a 5-year spiritual training under Sri Pranaji’s lineage of Jothi Siddhar. Designed for current generations, SEP makes enlightenment viable even for a householder who is serious about spirituality. Training is personally handled by Sri Pranaji and ensures a perfect communion between the guru and disciple. By adapting to cultural diversities, SEP is enjoyed by students from all walks of life.

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“My quest for enlightenment led me to many real & fake Gurus, failures and I spent years walking the wrong path till I met a true Guru. I accept and acknowledge all those experiences. They helped in setting me up for the next level of spiritual development. SEP was created based on my experience on success and failures. It is a straightforward and simple process that anyone can follow.”

Sri Pranaji

SEP – The Siddha Way!

Your divine potential fully awakens and past karmas burn through Samadhi process. Full samayama process begins and enlightenment of Jeeva happens. This is called Shakty Enlightenment. For those who complete 5 years of training, this will be their last birth. 

  • Awaken the unlimited power of Jeevatma/soul and understand your purpose of life
  • Understand who you are and your personal purpose
  • Explore life-changing methods to awaken the soul and access limitless potential and energies
  • Activate Jeevatma – your energetic self. Achieve 100% freedom of Jeeva from the physical body
  • Overcome fear of death, allowing you to live life to its fullest
  • Overcome negative karma
  • Shape life according to your will
  • Create your own spiritual energy system

You read 100 books, you watched thousand of youtube, attend all satsangs from masters, and attend many yoga classes ..yet you feel that you did not experience what you read or hear and still don’t know “ who you are” other than what other convincingly tell you who you are, you want to help mankind and solve their problem but all you be learning ancient methods that may not relevant to this age and consciousness..then you are the right candidate for this program.

Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji

Detailed insights

SEP is designed to awaken & master Siddhis and Riddhis. Siddhis are the supernatural abilities that any human being possesses. At the same time, Riddhis are various types of inner wealth and abundance in you, helping you achieve different aspects of happiness in your being. SEP training is conducted in person, followed by online guidance when necessary. 

Year 1

2 trainings per year, each with 2-3 days duration

  • Fundamentals of true enlightenment through Siddha System and initiation to the Moola Mantra of Shakty Enlightenment Process.
  • Awakening of Kundalini and starting Third-Eye opening.
  • Ability to see and hear all spectrums of energy, divine beings, and the ability to see and hear from all dimensions/realms. This will free you from all fake gurus as now with your clairvoyance skill will know if the guru is fully self-realized or Book based guru.

Year 2

1 training per year with 5-6 days duration

  • Initiation to Atma Kriya Sadhana
  • Understanding Jeevatma and Paramatma
  • Start the journey to free Jeevatma Travel..the whole new truth will be experienced.
  • Start exploring all dimensions
  • Experience what happens to Jeeva after death
  • All other true Jnana/wisdom that may set you free from all doctrine of religion.

Year 3

1 training per year with 5-6 days duration

  • Practice acquiring Riddhi  of supernatural hearing, smell, sensing, x-ray vision, and many more using the Jeevatma power
  • This beginning  phase where to fully explore your potential as an energy and spiritual being..start to know what it means “aham brahma asmi”

Year 4

1 training per year with 5-6 days duration

  • Practice acquiring Siddhi by making the body disease less and reversing aging
  • Understanding where body/jadam potential end and spiritual body(anma) potential begins
  • Going to past, present, and future
  • Acquiring knowledge direct from the rishi, guru, yogi, Siddha, or any spiritual master, angel, god, or goddess. 
  • Other spiritual manifestations include super healing abilities

Year 5

1 training per year with 5-6 days duration

  • Granting full enlightenment and understanding the secret of existence
  • Experience Para Kaya Pravesha – The art of entering one’s soul into another person’s body
  • Learn  to utilize and create energy, create therapy, create solutions for mankind,  and become the creator and real Siddha
  • Each sadhak only can graduate if he or she demonstrates one or two new healing energy, a full therapy system for any chosen subject, and new solution for current world issues ranging from spiritual to material domain.
  • Graduation and completion of Shakty Enlightenment Program.

New Coming Soon.

This program is for people that want to accelerate their spiritual process, are willing to go thru intense spiritual sadhana, and have the means to spend 3 weeks of their life. There is a new program is coming soon.


Newly updated program
The whole SHAKTY ENGLITMENT PROGRAM now can be done in the residence-based program with only 21 days a student can complete the whole 5 years sep which was the current format. After running this program for 7 years and 80 people graduated successfully, the improvement is done to the process, Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji now offer the same program to the individual that can afford to take up and complete the Shakty enlightenment within 21 days.

  • Course timings : SEP training are usually conducted from 10 AM to 5 PM. However, Pranaji may choose to change this based on the group’s training and development needs.
  • Minimum requirements of daily practice :
    • Year 1 : Mandatory practice of 1 hour per day for 40 days or with lesser time per day for 60 days. After this, you may continue the practice to deepen your skills further. 
    • Year 2: 10 to 25 minutes per day, 3 times a week.. you may increase the frequency to deepen your skills.
    • After 2nd year, you are free to decide the time that you would like to invest depending on information and guidance received during training as well as your need to develop each skill.

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From those who experienced it

Pre-requisite : Dedication & unwavering commitment

SEP methodology is simple but the fascinating transformations needs your reasonable effort. Only those who are very committed, responsible and with a mind to surrender to the divinity are invited.  We respect any form of previous energy based practices that has inspired you to take this path but there are no training pre-requisites. After all, it is all about un-learning.

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