About Samyama

A practice that was lost in time

Do you want to experience happiness in its purest form? Do you want to achieve the inner silence that you were craving for?

Samyama is not just a contemplation excercise.

Samyama is a powerful spiritual practice that takes you on a journey of becoming one with the essence of whatever you focus on. Imagine if you could merge with the calmness of a serene lake, the strength of a towering mountain, or the wisdom of an ancient master, feeling and experiencing their qualities as if they were your own. This deep state of meditation allows you to embody the attributes of your chosen object, soaking in its essence and understanding its nature from the inside out.

Traditionally, this profound experience was reserved for seasoned practitioners. However, Sri Pranaji is now opening the doors to everyone, making it possible for the average person to explore this incredible way of connecting deeply with the world around them. Through this event, you’re invited to dive into the heart of Samyama, where you can learn to blend your consciousness with the attributes of different aspects of creation, gaining insight and experiencing the world in a way you never thought possible. It’s a unique opportunity to touch the essence of life itself, accessible to all who are ready to embark on this transformative journey.

How will you benefit?

Yogic Practices Online

Achiveving Samyama online is an incredible spiritual experience. The series of transmissions are designed to merge you with those attributes and increase your ability to experience, perceive reality, relax and do advanced levels of meditation. It will transform your understanding and prepare you for higher spiritual explorations. Doing it online is also a demonstration of spiritual innovation, as it was not possible in the past.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras suggest that mastering Samyama can help overcome any cognitive obscuration, leading to extraordinary abilities or siddhis. This can lead to profound insight and understanding, transcending the usual cognitive limitations.

In the traditional path, this is not easy to achieve. Achieving Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi (state of zero mind) – the 3 stages of meditation that lead to Samyama – are result of years of effort, unless a Guru can take you there through his power. During this event, you enter the state of Samyama with the help of Guru’s spiritual ability, thus making it possible for a newcomer.

It is a rare event where peace, knowledge and realizations manifest. This experience is not easily available. It will transform your understanding and prepare you for higher spiritual explorations.

Who can take a normal person to Samyama? 

A Guru with deep knowledge and experience in Nirvikalpa Samadhi, with an innovative mind can take you there. Such Gurus bring modern solutions in healing and solving humanity’s issues. They can offer true Samyama experiences en masse, online, quietly, and effectively.