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A powerful spiritual practice that makes you one with the essence of whatever you focus on. This was originally proposed by Patanjali as a way to acquire complete knowledge and Siddhis (abilities). Join Sri Pranaji as he takes us through the wonders of this amazing world.

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FAR beyond contemplation practices

Samyama is a powerful spiritual practice that takes you on a journey of becoming one with the essence of whatever you focus on. Imagine if you could merge with the calmness of a serene lake, the strength of a towering mountain, or the wisdom of an ancient master, feeling and experiencing their qualities as if they were your own. This deep state of meditation allows you to embody the attributes of your chosen object, soaking in its essence and understanding its nature from the inside out. Patanjali prescribed this practice as a way to achieve abilities and gain knowledge.

The real Samyama is not just a contemplation practice. In very layman terms, it is an ultimate spiritual experience.

Achiveving Samyama online is an incredible spiritual experience. The series of transmissions are designed to merge you with those attributes and increase your ability to experience, perceive reality, relax and do advanced levels of meditation. It will transform your understanding and prepare you for higher spiritual explorations. Doing it online is also a demonstration of spiritual innovation, as it was not possible in the past.

Who can take a normal person to Samyama? 

A Guru with deep knowledge and experience in Nirvikalpa Samadhi, with an innovative mind can take you there. Such Gurus bring modern solutions in healing and solving humanity’s issues. They can offer true Samyama experiences en masse, online, quietly, and effectively.

Why are we doing it free?

Because it is now or never

At Pranashakty, we don’t keep spiritual secrets. Once a path to genuine oneness, Samyama has been diminished to mere contemplation or guided meditation practices.

Achieving true Samyama depends on a Guru’s skill in leading someone into the necessary deep meditative state. This depth of meditation is crucial, possibly explaining why some have deviated from its original path. It is time to restore the glory of Samyama.  Many people asked me, Pranaji, why are you giving it freely to public?  Not many are saying the truth now, and I don’t know how many will do in future. Even if someone does, will they be loud enough to be heard?

Time is the essence.  Are you with us?

– Sri Pranaji

Experience Again

Some of the past Samyamas can be experienced again Through video. Try one of them!

Live Transmission format & Content overview

Experince beyond the self

1. Online sessions

Welcome to our transformative journey through the ancient practice of Samyama. This is a free service project. Each session in our live transmission series is thoughtfully structured to maximize your understanding, experience, and integration of Samyama’s profound teachings. Here’s what you can expect in each transmission.

How to enhance your experience?

Want to really dive deep into Samyama during our online sessions? Here’s the scoop on making it even better:

  1. The More, the  Stronger: When we all tune in together for the live session, there’s this cool thing that happens – it’s called the entrainment effect. Basically, the more people join in, the stronger and more powerful the experience gets for everyone. It’s like our energies team up to make the session supercharged.
  2. Mind Your Meals: Here’s a simple tip – try to keep a good amount of time between when you last ate and the session. Why? Being not too full helps you connect better with the Samyama vibe. Think of it as making sure your body’s not busy with anything else so you can fully dive into the experience.
  3. Learn and practice this Siddha Sahaj meditation that will help also in  samyama meditation 

Simple, right? Keep these in mind for a deeper dive into Samyama. See you at the next session!

In-Person Extended sessions

While our online sessions offer a powerful introduction to the world of Samyama, certain advanced practices and deeper experiences are best transmitted in person. For those eager to explore these profound aspects, we offer an exclusive invitation to join Sri Pranaji for special in-person events.

During these live events, attendees have the privilege of participating in an extended meditation session led by Sri Pranaji himself. This additional hour is not just extra time—it’s a gateway to the depths of Samyama that are beyond the reach of our online format.

Here, the focus sharpens on the “point of full manifestation” of the Samyama object. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the essence of your meditation object, reaching a level of realization and understanding that transforms your practice and your life.

These special sessions are scheduled during Sri Pranaji’s teaching travels. Each live event is a unique chance to deepen your Samyama experience, guided by the profound insights and presence of Sri Pranaji.

You’re warmly invited to join us for these deeper dives into Samyama. Whether you’re looking to deepen your practice, seek further enlightenment, or simply experience the powerful presence of Sri Pranaji, these in-person events are an opportunity not to be missed.

Stay tuned for announcements on Sri Pranaji’s travel schedule and upcoming live events. Your journey into the advanced realms of Samyama awaits.

Advanced, Permanent Samyama levels

This is exclusively for the students of Shakty Enlightenment Program (SEP). This program is designed for those ready to commit to a deeper exploration and mastery of Samyama, offering personalized guidance and advanced teachings.

Join us for these transmissions to embark on a transformative spiritual journey, exploring the depths of consciousness and unlocking the full potential of your being. Whether online or in-person, each session promises to be a step forward on your path to enlightenment.


An year long celebration of awakening.

This is a free service project. Our unique awakening experience sessions, spaced thoughtfully throughout the year, promise a path to inner peace and mindfulness. For your convenience, we’ll reveal each month’s schedule in advance, ensuring a smooth integration into your routine. Embrace this opportunity for spiritual growth and harmony. Let’s embark on this enlightening journey together.

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Who can join?

Anyone can join; you don’t need prior experience in spiritual practice. This is a free service project. 

How to join?

To ensure that all details of the program is delivered to you on time,  instructions for participation will be provided to program participants through WhatsApp and Telegram groups of Pranashakty. Click on one of the buttons to participate.