Pranashakty International

Two Decades of Spiritual Awakening and Global Impact

Since 2004, Pranashakty International has reached a noteworthy milestone, celebrating two decades of dedicated spiritual service. Established by Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji, the organization has transformed into a guiding light of enlightenment, rooted in the ancient wisdom of Siddha Yogic and Jothi Siddhar traditions. As we contemplate its 20-year journey, we observe a rich tapestry of transformative teachings, global outreach and a steadfast commitment to aligning humanity with the environment.

The Genesis and Evolution

Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji has emerged as a transformative figure in the realm of spiritual and healing practices. His journey is not just a narrative of personal enlightenment but a story of groundbreaking contributions that have reshaped the landscape of spiritual learning and therapy. With over 100 original energy-based methodologies, both spiritual and non-spiritual, Sri Pranaji has established a legacy unparalleled in this millennium.

Pranashakty’s inception traces back to Sri Pranaji’s deep-rooted desire to reveal the mysteries of the Siddha tradition. Born into a spiritually adept family, Sri Pranaji’s early exposure to Hatha Yoga and Saivite traditions laid the foundation for a lifelong journey of spiritual exploration and mastery. By the age of 25, he had completed his spiritual journey under various Gurus from the Sufi and Siddha lineages, culminating in the establishment of Pranashakty International. Over the years, Pranashakty International had pioneered a unique blend of ancient practices and modern methodologies. 

It has developed a diverse array of programs, ranging from the Shakty Enlightenment Program to Jothi Retreats, each designed to empower individuals in their spiritual pursuits while being deeply grounded in traditional teachings. Pranashakty International has also harnessed technology to extend its reach, offering online courses, virtual retreats, and digital resources globally. This approach has not only democratized access to spiritual wisdom but also fostered a global community of practitioners, united in their quest for enlightenment and personal growth.

The Revolutionary Contributions

Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji’s work over 20 years

As we look towards the future, the contributions of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji and his disciples will continue to shape the contours of spiritual practice and healing. The journey thus far has been marked by significant milestones in knowledge dissemination, program development, and community engagement, setting a strong foundation for the years to come. Here is the list of Pranashakty’s major contributions which no one else did so far in this 21st century. With over 100 original programs within the span 2004 to 2024, Sri Pranaji continues to transform the way the modern work uses Spirituality in daily life. 

Major Spiritual Transformative Programs & Healing Therapies

Shakty Enlightenment Program

One of Pranashakty’s flagship offerings and Sri Pranaji’s vision, the Shakty Enlightenment Program, epitomizes its mission. Nurturing new generation of spiritual scientist, this five-year program is not just about spiritual enlightenment; it’s a crucible where individuals transform into enlightened beings, equipped with the knowledge and skills to further the legacy of spiritual innovation. These emerging spiritual scientists, mentored closely by Sri Pranaji, are expected to contribute their own unique insights and techniques to the ever-growing repository of spiritual wisdom. Today as more students graduate from the Shakty Enlightenment Program, the realm of spiritual and healing practices is set to expand with fresh perspectives. This ongoing growth ensures that the legacy of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji is not static but a dynamic force, continually enriching and evolving the landscape of spiritual science.

Jothi Retreats

Focusing on teaching the art of channeling Jothi energy for healing and spiritual advancement, these retreats blend deep spiritual practices with practical life applications.

Ananda Siddhi

Ananda Gandha Chakra Opening is one unique system developed by Sri Pranaji. At this moment, only he and his Acharyas can open Ananda Gandha Chakra in the whole word. 

Kundalini Shaktipath for all

Kundalini Shaktipath, which was a closely guarded secret available only to the inner circles of spiritual schools, is now available for anyone who seeks, without the need to be associated with the lineage. 

Mahalakshmi /Ashtalakshmi Diksha

Today, the need for abundance is felt more strongly than ever, and Goddess Mahalakshmi’s connection comes as a boon. 

Ganesha Diksha

Ganesha Diksha gives the ability to invoke Lord Ganesha. This program provides an opportunity to seek blessings and directions from the Lord and move forward in your path without obstacles.

Chakra Chakra Therapy and Quantum Pranashakty Transmission

These online services have revolutionized spiritual healing, offering rejuvenation and emotional balance to a global audience.

Neuro Cell Re-Birth Process (NCRP)

A unique therapy focusing on deep cellular transformation and emotional release, marking a significant advancement in spiritual healing methodologies.

Energetic Amritham Therapy

Pranaji’s methodology to activate the Bindu Chakra (the seat of Amrita-the divine nectar) and get the benefits of the energetic flow of Amritha.

Global Outreach and Community Building

Pranashakty’s online platforms and global retreats have fostered a worldwide community. Through seminars, workshops, and online courses, they have transcended geographical boundaries, creating a network of practitioners and students united in their spiritual journey.  Sri Pranaji, through his organization and online reach at, provides a diverse range of spiritual solutions, teachings, and training programs. These offerings are tailored to foster personal transformation, spiritual growth, and holistic well-being, reflecting his deep understanding of Siddha traditions and modern needs.

Global Culture of Peace

This initiative focuses on instilling peace and calmness in individuals, transforming interactions towards a more harmonious coexistence. It uses visual activation techniques to foster a sense of tranquility and understanding.

The Prakriti Samadhi Challenge

A transformative 44-day journey aimed at personal transformation, karmic cleansing, holistic well-being, and heightened awareness. This free program includes weekly meditations and Satsangs, promising significant shifts in consciousness.

5D Therapy for Mental and Emotional Well-being

This initiative focuses on instilling peace and calmness in individuals, transforming interactions towards a more harmonious coexistence. It uses visual activation techniques to foster a sense of tranquility and understanding.

Jothi Healing

A spiritual healing technique that utilizes divine light (“Jothi”) to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances the inner healing system, stabilizes emotions, and supports spiritual growth.

Maha Puja Program

This spiritual practice is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and Adi Parashakty, focusing on empowering women and children. It includes rituals, chants, and meditations, connecting participants with ancient wisdom.

Siddha Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

A meditation practice that aims to achieve a state of natural, effortless awareness, facilitating deep relaxation and spiritual insight.

Online Kundalini Energy Experience

An online program offering experiences and teachings related to awakening and harnessing Kundalini energy for spiritual growth.

Manifestation with Parabrahman

Guidance on how to directly manifest desires and intentions in alignment with the highest cosmic energy, Parabrahman.

Solutions for Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Tailored programs and teachings aimed at addressing and mitigating these common mental health issues.

Secret of Karmic Cleansing

Techniques and teachings focused on clearing karmic debts and patterns to facilitate spiritual liberation and growth.

AtmaVikasa Vichara

Advaita Reimagined Through Experiential Wisdom: A unique approach to Advaita Vedanta, offering experiential wisdom for self-realization.

Adi Parashakty - Shakty for Women

A program specifically designed for women, focusing on spiritual empowerment and connection to the divine feminine.

Meet our Acharyas

An opportunity to connect with spiritual teachers and guides within the Pranashakty organization

… and many more. This offerings and programs, under the guidance of Sri Pranaji, demonstrates commitment to spreading Siddha knowledge and practices, tailored to meet the challenges of the modern world while preserving the essence of ancient wisdom

Corecell Energy

Therapies and Courses

Quantum Energetic Kayakalpa

A therapy focusing on rejuvenation and longevity, integrating quantum energy concepts with traditional Siddha practices.

Energy Steam Sauna Program

A unique program combining steam sauna with energy healing techniques for detoxification and rejuvenation.

Siddha Bone Setting

A traditional Siddha practice focusing on aligning and healing the musculoskeletal system using energy techniques.

General Health and Wellness Program

Comprehensive programs addressing overall health and well-being, combining modern insights with ancient wisdom.

Quantum Mask for Heart Diseases

An innovative approach to heart disease treatment using quantum energy principles.

Healing Services for Various Conditions

Including therapies for thyroid diseases, kidney diseases, cancer, lung diseases, liver diseases, and skin conditions.

Varma & Energy Knowledge Series

Educational courses and seminars on the principles and practices of Varmam and energy healing.

Kayakalpa – The Jothi Way

A course focusing on the traditional practice of Kayakalpa, rejuvenation, and longevity through the Siddha perspective.

Online Training Programs

Including free online autism therapy, Jing Chi Shen-The Siddha Way, 5D Therapy, Siddha Singing Bowl Therapy and Wine Glass Therapy.

Institute of Siddha Varma Kalai

Varma Energy Therapy

A three-level course to become a certified therapist in Varmam, an ancient healing technique.

Siddha Inner Power

A unique way to realize hidden powers within the body and use them for spiritual self-defense and healing. 

Siddha Inner Beauty

Can you realize beauty without the use of expensive chemicals? Siddha Inner Beauty answers this question and also offers a much deeper transformation for woman. 

Global Energetic Viscera Blueprint

The Global Energetic Viscera Blueprint Program (GEVP) was initiated by Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji. The project aims to collect energetic blueprints of vital human organs using Siddha Spiritual Techniques. A database of these blueprints can be used to rejuvenate organs for current and future generations.

Autism Varma Therapy

A specialized course for therapists focusing on autism treatment using Varmam techniques.

Agni Yoga

A 15-hour training program combining yoga with fire energy for spiritual awakening.


Science of Healthy Mind: A one-day course focusing on mental health and wellness.

Download – Accessing Rapid Knowledge

Techniques to enhance learning and knowledge acquisition.

Siddha Varma Massage

A therapeutic massage technique based on Siddha and Varmam principles

Siddha Quantum Meditation

Meditation practices integrating Siddha wisdom and quantum physics.

Prana Kriya Shakty

A course on harnessing and utilizing life force energy (Prana).

Brahma Vidya Jothidam

Teachings on astrology and cosmic knowledge from the Siddha perspective.

Nokku Varma for Self Defense

A martial arts technique focusing on mental strength and intuitive combat.

Brain-X for Children

A program designed to enhance cognitive and mental abilities in children.

Soul Healing

Techniques for deep spiritual healing and inner transformation.

Detoxification & Purification Therapy

Methods for physical and energetic detoxification.

Siddha Marriage and Relationship Therapy

Guidance and therapy for enhancing relationships and marital harmony.

Additional Offerings and healings

Sri Pranaji’s contributions through the, focuses on health, well-being, and personal development, particularly relevant in the context of modern challenges:

Coronavirus Immune Booster

This offering likely provides techniques or insights into boosting the immune system, specifically tailored to combat viruses like the coronavirus.

Stress Free Zone

A program or a set of practices designed to reduce stress, promoting mental calmness and emotional stability.

Cancer Therapy

A holistic approach to cancer treatment, possibly integrating traditional healing methods with modern therapeutic practices.

Sleep Disorder Online Solutions

Online resources or techniques aimed at addressing various sleep disorders, promoting better sleep quality and overall health.

Depression and Anxiety Free Online Therapy

Offering therapeutic solutions for mental health issues like depression and anxiety, likely through holistic and non-invasive methods.

How to Be Happy

Guidance and techniques focused on achieving happiness and contentment in life, possibly involving mindfulness, meditation, and lifestyle changes.

Free Online Wealth and Prosperity Activation

A program aimed at enhancing one’s financial and material well-being, possibly through spiritual or energetic practices.

Online Quick Pain Relieve

Fast-acting solutions for pain relief, available online, likely combining traditional knowledge with accessible modern techniques.

These additional offerings further illustrate Sri Pranaji’s commitment to addressing contemporary health and wellness challenges using a blend of traditional wisdom and modern methodologies. From boosting immunity in the face of global health crises to providing accessible solutions for mental health issues and personal development, his work spans a broad spectrum of human needs. These programs and therapies reflect a holistic approach to well-being, emphasizing the importance of balancing physical health, mental clarity, emotional stability, and spiritual growth.

Articles and Books


Kayakarpam (Kayakalpa) The Necessity During and Post Pandemic Scenario

This work explores the relevance and importance of Kayakalpa, an ancient rejuvenation and longevity practice, especially in the context of health crises like pandemics.

Did We Learn Something?

An insightful piece likely discussing the lessons and insights gained from contemporary challenges, possibly in the context of health and spiritual well-being.

Varma and Energy Knowledge Series

The first part of a series delving into the intersection of Varmam therapy and energy healing, offering foundational knowledge. Continuing the exploration part two likely builds upon the concepts introduced in the first part. This continues to part three on Further expanding on the themes of Varmam and energy, providing deeper insights and applications and lastly past four, in culminating the discussion on Varmam and energy with advanced concepts and techniques.

The Science and Science Behind Digital Energy

A unique exploration of digital energy, its scientific basis, and its implications in healing and therapy

Autism eBook

A comprehensive guide or resource on using Varmam therapy and possibly other holistic approaches in the treatment and management of autism.

Pranaji Darshan - coming soon in 2024

“Pranaji Darshan,” a 21st-century spiritual philosophy, presents a refreshing blend of ancient Upanishadic knowledge and contemporary insights, echoing the profound wisdom that has evolved since the era of Shankaracharya. This holistic and dynamic spiritual system seamlessly integrates timeless wisdom with modern understanding, charting a path for a continuous and active journey of personal and cosmic evolution. It stands out as a beacon for modern spiritual seekers, empowering individuals to engage actively in their spiritual growth. By emphasizing the deep interconnection of all life and underscoring the importance of ethical living, “Pranaji Darshan” resonates profoundly with contemporary sensibilities. Adaptable and inclusive, it transcends traditional boundaries, making ancient spiritual truths relevant and accessible in our modern world.

Pranashakty International : For Many More Years and Beyond

Pranashakty International’s 20-year journey is more than a chronicle of spiritual teaching; it’s a testament to the timeless relevance of ancient wisdom in the modern world. In fostering a global community of yogis and siddhars, Pranashakty stands as a luminary, guiding humanity towards a future where spiritual enlightenment and ecological consciousness go hand in hand. As we celebrate this milestone, we also look forward to the continued evolution of this remarkable institution, a beacon of hope and transformation in a rapidly changing world.