August 20, 2023, by Sri Pranaji

Finding a Guru,Satguru and Guru Bhakty

” ‘I am not here to amass a million followers, construct grand ashrams, or erect towering statues and buildings. My purpose, my true calling, lies in nurturing masters and gurus for the future – individuals who will stand as beacons of wisdom and innovation. I am here to cultivate solution providers, those who will carry forward the torch of enlightenment to illuminate the paths of countless others.’ – Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji”

Katha Upanishad (1.2. 8), a guru is indispensable to acquire the knowledge of Brahman, and that guru must know Brahman as himself (ananya prokta). Without him, there is no going further (gatir atra nasti).

Finding a true guru is a profound and deeply personal journey. The path to discovering the right spiritual guide involves introspection, sincerity in seeking, and openness to the guidance of the universe. Here’s a a basic description:

  1. Self-Introspection: Before seeking a guru, ask yourself why you are searching. Are you looking for spiritual growth, healing, or answers to life’s mysteries? Understanding your intentions will help guide your search.
  2. Feel Before You Follow:  Take a photo of guru look at him and try feel energy flowing from him, if you feel or something happen in your heart, that will be your to follow. Your intuition, that quiet whisper from within, often knows what’s right for you before your mind does.
  1. Recognize the Spectrum:
    • Preacher Guru: These are the scholars. Immersed in scriptures and texts, they articulate profound truths with clarity. They can ignite the spark of spirituality in aspirants, and their magnetic oratory can attract many. This preacher guru will have millions of followers, However, their teachings, while foundational, often come from learned wisdom rather than experiential knowledge. The don’t do healing and always say healing is karmic consequences etc.They set the stage for a deeper quest but may not necessarily lead one to the ultimate realization. They sometimes overboard and claim that just follow them and you get enlightenment this is beyond their capability and they create their own definition of enlightenment to show they can. This kind of guru should totally avoided as they went beyond preacher guru dharma.

      Characteristics of a Preacher Guru:

      1. Vast Follower Base:
        • Explanation: Preacher gurus gather a massive following, often spanning across different regions or even countries. Their charismatic appeal and effective communication draw in numerous seekers who resonate with their teachings.
      2. Cult-like Setup:
        • Explanation: In some cases, preacher gurus create a devoted community around themselves that mirrors a cult-like structure. Followers display unwavering loyalty, and the guru’s word becomes the central authority guiding their lives.
      3. Prominent Promotion:
        • Explanation: These gurus heavily promote themselves through various mediums, including books, social media, and public appearances. Their active presence ensures widespread exposure to their teachings.
      4. Proximity to Power:
        • Explanation: Preacher gurus often establish connections with influential individuals, including politicians, celebrities, or business leaders. This association can enhance their credibility and expand their reach.
      5. Extensive Book Knowledge:
        • Explanation: They possess in-depth knowledge of religious texts, spiritual literature, and philosophical teachings. This allows them to reference and discuss a wide range of subjects convincingly.
      6. Versatile Communication:
        • Explanation: Preacher gurus exhibit the ability to speak articulately on diverse subjects, even outside the realm of spirituality. Their eloquence and intellectual prowess enhance their influence.
      7. Charismatic Conviction:
        • Explanation: Their charismatic aura and powerful presence enable them to persuade and inspire their followers. Their words hold weight, leading many to adopt their teachings as guiding principles.

      Extended Explanations:

      Preacher gurus are known for their remarkable ability to gather a vast number of followers who connect with their teachings on a deep level. This can result in the formation of a devoted community that revolves around the guru’s ideas and principles. While the term “cult-like” might carry certain connotations, it signifies the intense commitment and loyalty exhibited by followers who hold the guru in high regard.

      The promotion of preacher gurus is a strategic endeavor. They actively publish books, engage on social media, and participate in public events to ensure that their teachings reach a wide audience. This deliberate effort increases their visibility and contributes to their influence.

      The proximity of preacher gurus to individuals in positions of power can enhance their credibility. When influential figures endorse or associate with a guru, it can lend legitimacy to their teachings and attract more followers.

      Their extensive knowledge of spiritual and philosophical literature equips preacher gurus with the tools to engage in informed discussions on various topics. This versatility allows them to connect with a diverse range of individuals, making their teachings more accessible.

      Their ability to communicate eloquently and persuasively extends beyond the spiritual domain. This skill enables them to captivate audiences across different contexts and disciplines, enhancing their reputation as intellectual leaders.

      Ultimately, the charisma and conviction of preacher gurus are central to their influence. Their strong presence and persuasive abilities inspire followers to adopt their teachings and guidance, shaping the spiritual paths of many.


      Shakty Guru: These are the spiritual luminaries. Their teachings transcend mere words, resonating with the silent symphony of divine energy. They might be understated in presence but are powerhouses of spiritual potency. Their fewer followers are often deeply committed seekers, ready for profound transformations. This guru does not talk much about all common issues as their scientist works on finding solutions. They look very common and have no extravagant lifestyle. This kind of Shakti guru is very rare and if you found one should not let go as this is your only chance for your salvation.

    • Characteristics of a Shakty Guru:
      1. Focused Teaching with Small Groups:
        • Explanation: Shakty Gurus concentrate on guiding a select group of followers. Their emphasis lies in facilitating self-realization, enlightenment, and the development of spiritual powers and abilities in these individuals.
      2. Deep Inner Realization:
        • Explanation: Unlike book-centered approaches, the knowledge of Shakty Gurus is rooted in profound inner realization. Their wisdom stems from direct communion with the divine and Para Brahman, transcending the limitations of intellectual learning.
      3. Practical Solutions over Explanations:
        • Explanation: Shakty Gurus possess the unique ability to provide practical solutions to challenges, drawing upon the insights of past powerful gurus and spiritualists. They offer actionable guidance instead of theoretical explanations.
      4. Detachment from Political Power:
        • Explanation: Unlike seeking influence, Shakty Gurus tend to avoid associations with political power. Their focus remains exclusively on spiritual pursuits rather than getting involved in worldly or political affairs.
      5. Simple Lifestyle:
        • Explanation: Shakty Gurus often lead modest lives, prioritizing their teaching over material pursuits. Their appearance, speech, and demeanor reflect simplicity, mirroring the lives of common people.
      6. Energetic Presence and Impact:
        • Explanation: The power of Shakty Gurus can be palpably felt through their voice, image, or even mantras. Being in their presence can evoke transformative experiences and spiritual realizations.
      7. Belief in Free Will:
        • Explanation: Shakty Gurus highly value individual free will. They avoid controlling or binding their students, allowing them to choose their spiritual path and respecting their decisions, even if it means departing from their guidance.
      8. Focused Contribution and Training:
        • Explanation: These gurus dedicate considerable time to creating solutions or uncovering knowledge not found in conventional texts. They invest in training their followers, often over extended periods, to develop spiritual prowess.
      9. Less Exposure, Greater Depth:
        • Explanation: Shakty Gurus tend to stay relatively isolated from the external world. They prioritize diving deep into their spiritual practices, offering teachings that arise from profound experience rather than superficial exposure.
      10. Nurturing Equal or Greater Gurus:
        • Explanation: Shakty Gurus hold the belief that their ultimate contribution is in nurturing disciples who can become equals or surpass their spiritual attainments. Their focus extends beyond personal prominence, emphasizing the continuation of their legacy.

      In the realm of spirituality, Shakty Gurus stand as embodiments of profound inner wisdom and transformational power. Their teachings and approach are designed to lead their dedicated followers toward self-realization and spiritual empowerment, fostering a legacy of spiritual growth.

Your Journey, Their Guidance:

Every spiritual traveller needs a guiding light. In the realm of Guru-Bhakti, this luminance emerges from the Satguru — the true spiritual guide.

Understanding the Satguru:

The term ‘Satguru’ transcends mere nomenclature. It’s not a title flaunted in public spaces. Instead, it embodies a solemn oath between the guru and disciple. The Satguru, often an enlightened rishi or siddha, commits to guiding the disciple towards complete enlightenment. In return, the disciple vows to diligently follow the Satguru’s guidance until they achieve this profound state of enlightenment. This mutual commitment forms the sacred core of the guru-disciple relationship in Guru-Bhakti.

The Path:

In the sacred teachings of Guru-Bhakti, while the Satguru offers illumination, the journey’s every step, choice, and experience remains the seeker’s own. This relationship is built on mutual trust: the Satguru’s wisdom lights the path, but the journey, with its unique challenges and milestones, belongs solely to the seeker.

The Footsteps:

Immersion in the essence of Guru-Bhakti places immense importance on surrender, faith, and obedience. Respecting the Satguru means understanding their words, actions, and intentions, translating these teachings into tangible life practices.

The Pace:

Devotion to the Satguru, dedication to their teachings, and unwavering faith in their wisdom ensures that the spiritual journey is undertaken with genuine sincerity. But it’s crucial to understand that the timeline of one’s spiritual evolution is deeply personal.

The Experience:

Guru-Bhakti is transformative. Through disciplined life, ethical perfection, and profound meditation, the practitioner evolves. This evolution transcends the ego-sense and individual feelings, aligning them with infinite consciousness.

Two core virtues echo throughout Guru-Bhakti:

  • Patience: Spiritual evolution is a deeply transformative process that requires time, commitment, and patience.
  • Sincerity: Absolute sincerity towards the Satguru is fundamental in Guru-Bhakti. It’s this sincerity that draws the grace of the guru, propelling the seeker further.

Melding into the essence of Guru-Bhakti, we realize that the Satguru isn’t just a teacher but the very embodiment of the Absolute. They don’t merely show the way; they become the way. Their grace, teachings, and presence ensure that the seeker isn’t just walking a spiritual path but is on a transformative journey towards self-realization, eternal bliss, and immortality.


Guru-Bhakti isn’t merely a practice; it’s a philosophy of life. It underlines the sanctity of the guru-disciple relationship, signifying that with true guidance and unwavering faith, the soul can transcend the mundane, attaining spiritual enlightenment