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Are you a team leader who wants a stress free team? Are you a spiritual trainer who wants to take your team to next level?  Do you have a team who wants to learn spiritual healing? Do you want to help people who have begun soul searching? We can help you.

Organize a spiritual retreat

Spiritual training gives best results when done in groups. Due to the rise in collective consciousness and mass energy, the transformation in group is many times deeper and powerful than individual sessions. This is one of the reason why we encourage certain training only in group. Our trainers are willing to travel to your place to conduct a spiritual training if the organizers can help in making the arrangements.

Organize SEP or Jothi Body of Light Retreat (Level 1, 2 or both)

  • Please contact us with the number of participants and location details so that we can help you with details.
  • Please note that all retreats involve a donation to cover expenses.

Release my Team’s stress

Today’s competitive world proves to be tough for both employers and employees. Most organizations now recognize the importance of mental  and physical health and take various measures for releasing stress levels of their workforce. Yoga, meditation and related methods have already proven to be beneficial with verifiable results in output and quality. Pranashakty’s stress reduction methods can give instant results – in a matter of minutes.   

Pranashakty Team can help you to lower the stress levels of your workforce.

  • Our methods gives your employees access to quick stress relief methods that can show results in minutes.
  • Please contact us with your requirements so that we can help you with tailor made programs for your organization.

A group wants to learn healing

Pranashakty team has done a tremendous work through Sri Pranaji’s healing modalities that range from use of energy, varma (pressure points), special therapies for women to energy based methods that heal, rejuvenate and protect body. There are systems which you can learn in a day or two while some takes weeks to learn and months to master. 

Please choose from what Pranashakty and its sub-divisions can offer:

  • Spiritual Healing through Jothi Body of Light Retreats – Learn More
  • Varma Pressure points for physical healing and Autism – Learn more
  • Body Rejuvenation and self defense – Learn more
  • Women health through healing and rejuvenation – Learn more

I want to learn for myself

Pranashakty takes every effort to ensure that healing and spiritual learning is accessible for public. Our courses are regularly published through website and social media. Please watch out for the next retreat near your location. 

Contact us to organize a retreat

Please share detailed requirements and we will get back to you with additional details.

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