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1) Check your email (spam folder also!)

We have sent an email to [urlparam param=”email” default=”your ID”/] with instructions. If you don’t find it in your inbox, please check the spam folder also. Sometimes, emails may take one or 2 hours to reach.

What if you did not see an email in the next 2 hours?

Don’t worry about it, [urlparam param=”nme”/]. Please send a message to us through one of the following links. Ensure that you mention the email using which the registration was done. If you want to be contacted through WhatsApp, please include your phone number and country. If you forget to save the link, search for us (“pranashakty facebook”) on google.

  1. Contact through Facebook:
  2. Contact through website:

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2) Respond to email with palm's photo

In the email, you will be asked to send a photo of your right palm. It is our way of connecting energetically with you.  Please take a nice and clear picture and reply to the email. We will do the Diksha within 24 hours after receiving the photo. After that, you will receive confirmation through email. After that, you can heal and protect yourself and anyone else. Yes [urlparam param=”nme”/], you are going to be a healer!

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3) Protect and heal yourself & others

In the email which informs you about Diksha completion, you will find a manual. It will explain how to do therapy for yourself and others. Please go through it and contact us for clarifications. That manual contains instructions that your patients have to do every day. Please ensure that you communicate clearly to them about it.

[urlparam param=”nme” default=”Please remember”/], this is a free service.

As a spiritual organization, we are doing our bit to help and empower everyone during these difficult times. We don’t charge for this service and we don’t expect you to do any favor to us in return.