Instructions for Stress Therapy

Do it at any time of a day

This therapy can be done at any time of a day and needs just 5 minutes. You may repeat it any number of times.

For prolonged stress and depression : Please do at least once in a day for 7 days continuously. After 7 days, please choose as you need.

For quick relief from a one off stress impact: Do it once or choose as you need.

Energy based process – Not recommended for pregnant women and children below 15 years. Before you start, please read disclaimer, terms & conditions.


Please choose one of the two simple and convenient methods. Both methods give exactly same result and are provided to give a choice based on your comfort levels during your stressful situation.

Method 1 – Video Mode

Chant “Om Shanty Shanty Om” while vieing following the video. Once the video plays completely, close your eyes and enjoy for atleast 5 minutes or as much longer as you want.

Method 2 – Image Mode

Look at the follwoing image for around 5 seconds and then close your eyes. Enjoy for at least 5 minutes or as much longer as you want. No chanting is required.

Therapy will not work if video or image is edited.

The Stress Therapy works with energy programmed along with precise view and sequence of image/video. Any edits in the image or video will remove the spiritually programmed association and make the therapy ineffective.


Energies used in this process are very subtle and soothing. Due to energy movement, some participants may feel warm, cold or prickling sensations in their body, which is completely normal. Mostly, you may not feel any such activity except deep calmness and relaxation. Best thing to do is to ignore any sensation.

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