Stress Therapy

Leave the impact of stress behind in 5 minutes

Stress – don’t let it make you sick. If handled well, it can be a motivating factor for success or it can affect your health, relationships and depression. 

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Energy based process – Not recommended for pregnant women and children below 15 years. Before you start, please read disclaimer, terms & conditions.

Do it at any time of a day

This therapy can be done at any time of a day and needs just 5 minutes. You may repeat it any number of times. Please read instructions in for more details.

Humanity – beyond boundaries, beyond distance

Pranashakty’s online meditations & therapies are designed by Sri Pranaji. They combine the power of ancient Siddha spiritual science and the ability of internet to deliver life changing experience. Our meditations are free services and do not interfere with any belief systems. Hundreds of people benefit from it every day.

For prolonged stress and depression : Please to do this therapy at least for 7 days contunously. After 7 days, please choose as you need.

For quick releif from a one off stress impact: Do it once or choose as you need.

Stress affects in different ways!

Younger people have higher stress and major fallout because they don’t accept reality & hence can’t find the solutions. When stress blocks you from enjoying happy moments in life, you end up looking for happiness from external sources. These may seem relaxing initially but the the relief is temporary, addicting and create dependency. Situations don’t change, our perception does. Smiles, laughter, happiness, confidence, focus, positive attitude, commendable relationships, fulfillment, and joy… all this and more is possible!!! All you need to do is give to 5 minutes of your time for yourself.

Work related stress

  • 18-24 year old 60% 60%
  • 25-34 year old 41% 41%
  • 45-54 year old 17% 17%
  • Over 55 year old 6% 6%

Due to appearance & comparison

  • Woman are stressed due to appearance 36% 36%
  • Appearance causes stress in men too 23% 23%
  • 18-24 year old – stressed by personal comparison 49% 49%

Statistics provided here represents major impact of stress in every day life. Stress affects many different ways and root cause varries from person to person.

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