Open the Abundance Channel

Do you know that the energy of prosperity flows through some of our etheric energy channels and the blocks in them can affect your prosperity?

What is the way to open channels that flow prosperity?

Yes, we can. This is where the Siddha way comes into play. The Siddha spiritual system has delved deeply into the technical details about everything and now enables us to design a mitigation method. Here is Sri Pranaji’s approach to solving this problem. His system not only solves this problem but also offers many additional benefits.

  • Opens the energy point of prosperity and wealth.
  • The practice opens the gates of abundance and prosperity from all eight mystical directions of the earth.
  • This mantra helps in cleansing karmic blockage.

Our body has all attributes of God, and they are present in the form of energy points. It is said that we have 77,000 such points in us. That is why humans can achieve enlightenment. One such point manifests prosperity. Once you open this point, prosperity becomes a natural state of being, and achieving prosperity in life becomes relatively effortless. So far, opening it was achievable only through dedicated spiritual practice. But now, this method will allow everyone in the world to manage their energy system to attract more abundance.

– Sri Pranaji


This is achieved through a mantra, generously made available by Pranaji for free to everyone. No Diksha or direct contact is required, allowing you to share this practice with anyone.

Mantra:  Maha Sri Pranaji Yogam
“YO” as in yoga and “GAM” as in gum
Practice Frequency: Once per week
Chanting duration: 5 minutes only

Additional instructions:

  • If you experience pain in the neck or shoulder during the chanting, it indicates a severe blockage, and you may need to do an extra 5 minutes of chanting.
  • The power of this mantra lies in its collective chant; as more people join, the energy grid expands, manifesting financial freedom. By sharing, you unlock divine abundance in your life.