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Unlock Kundalini awakening through Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji’s online sessions. Prepare in a few steps: sit, breathe deeply, and listen to Sri Pranaji’s voice and mantra. Feel the energy awaken your inner essence for a deeper spiritual journey.

Experience the Power of
Shaktipat & Kundalini Awakening
with Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji


In the spiritual landscape, the practices of Shaktipat and Kundalini awakening have always been revered as pathways to enlightenment and self-realization. Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji brings a modern, accessible approach to these ancient practices, offering seekers a taste of the transformative power of Shaktipat and Kundalini energy. This article explores how you can experience a glimpse of this spiritual journey through online sessions with Sri Pranaji.

 The Unique Approach of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji

Unlike traditional methods, the Shaktipat offered online by Sri Pranaji serves as an introductory experience. It is a “taste” of the grace of the guru, transferred through his voice, to awaken the Kundalini essence within you. However, it’s important to note that this online Shaktipat is not the full experience. The complete Shaktipat is only given in full programs run by Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji or his selected acharyas.

The Shiva Shakty Kundalini Shaktipat:
A Divine Revelation by Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji

In the mystical realm of spiritual awakening, there exists a profound practice that has been handed down through the ages – the Shiva Shakty Kundalini Shaktipat. This sacred practice, whispered by Lord Shiva to his beloved Parvathy (known as Shakty), is a path to unlocking the dormant energies within ourselves and ascending towards divine union.

At the core of this practice lies the concept of Kundalini, often referred to as the Shakti energy, residing in the base of our spine, known as the Muladhara Chakra. It is here that the Shaktipat begins its transformative journey. This ancient wisdom teaches us that within us, we carry the spark of divinity, and through Shaktipat, we can awaken this dormant energy, allowing it to rise.

As the Kundalini energy ascends, it embarks on a remarkable journey, passing through each of the chakras in our body, both major and minor. However, it is not merely a physical ascent; it is a spiritual awakening of unparalleled significance. This divine journey culminates in the Sahashara Chakra, also known as the crown chakra, where Lord Shiva himself resides.

What sets it apart?

What sets the Shiva Shakty Kundalini Shaktipat apart from other spiritual practices is not only the union of the Kundalini energy with Lord Shiva at the crown chakra, but the transcendence that occurs throughout the entire journey. With each chakra that the Kundalini passes through, we shed layers of our ego, attachments, and limitations. We peel away the worldly aspects of our existence, inching closer to the core of our being.

During this profound journey, a bliss of unparalleled intensity is experienced, one that can only be likened to an orgasmic feeling of ecstasy. It is a sensation that transcends the boundaries of physical pleasure, enveloping the entire being in a state of divine rapture. This bliss is not merely a side effect; it is indicative of the union of Shiva and Shakty coursing through every fiber of our being as the Kundalini ascends.

The sensations of ‘energy’ that manifest during this process are frequently associated with specific areas of the body, often coinciding with the chakra points. It is not uncommon for these sensations to become perceptible to the individual undergoing the experience. This energy is often described as extraordinarily intense, reminiscent of overwhelming bliss or even resembling the sensations of an orgasm. These sensations can be accompanied by physical manifestations such as trembling, sudden jerks, or spasms.

 This ecstatic state is not reserved for the culmination of the journey alone; it is something that can be tangibly felt and experienced during the entire process. As the Kundalini rises, it awakens the dormant energy centers within us, and this awakening is accompanied by waves of divine bliss that wash over us like a gentle, yet powerful, tide.

 In this divine process, gender, names, and forms cease to hold significance. It is an experience that transcends the boundaries of duality and ego. It is the ultimate union with the formless, nameless, and genderless aspect of the divine – the Brahman. It is an experience that defies description, for words fall short in capturing the profound essence of this spiritual awakening.

The Shiva Shakty Kundalini Shaktipat is not a commonly known practice; it is a treasured secret passed down through the lineage of the Jothi Siddhars. This lineage, rooted in ancient wisdom and deep spiritual insights, has preserved this sacred knowledge for generations. The Siddhars are revered for their deep understanding of the human spirit and their ability to guide seekers on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

In a world filled with distractions and material pursuits, the Shiva Shakty Kundalini Shaktipat stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking a deeper connection with the divine. It is a reminder that, within each of us, lies the potential for spiritual transformation and union with the ultimate truth.

In conclusion, the Shiva Shakty Kundalini Shaktipat is not just a spiritual practice; it is a divine revelation that has the power to liberate us from the shackles of our worldly existence. It is a journey towards the oneness of Shiva and Shakty, a journey towards self-realization, and a journey towards the divine. May the wisdom of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji continue to illuminate our paths as we embark on this sacred journey of awakening, where the ecstasy of divine union is a profound and tangible reality.

Experiencing the Essence of Kundalini

Even though the online Shaktipat is just an initial taste, it is potent enough for you to experience the effects of Kundalini awakening. This includes some degree of mind-body healing, as the energy clears blockages and aligns your spiritual and physical selves. The essence of Kundalini, even when experienced in a limited capacity, can offer a glimpse into the transformative power of this ancient practice.


Benefits of the Online Shaktipat Experience

While the full benefits of Shaktipat and Kundalini awakening are best experienced in the comprehensive programs led by Sri Pranaji, the online sessions offer several advantages:

  • Convenient and accessible from the comfort of your home
  • Provides an introduction to the spiritual journey you can undertake
  • Offers some level of mind-body healing
  • Serves as a stepping stone to more advanced practices and programs

Who Can Participate?

Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji’s approach to Shaktipat and Kundalini awakening is inclusive, open to individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their religious or cultural background. It serves as an invitation to explore deeper spiritual practices and to join the full programs for a more comprehensive experience.

Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji offers a unique and modern approach to the ancient practices of Shaktipat and Kundalini awakening. While the online sessions provide just a taste of what’s possible, they serve as an invaluable introduction to these transformative practices. Whether you’re new to spirituality or looking to deepen your practice, the online Shaktipat experience with Sri Pranaji offers a glimpse into a world of spiritual enlightenment and holistic well-being.

What is the difference from the other Kundalini shaktipat

The Shiva Shakty Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji, distinguishes itself from other forms of Kundalini practices in a significant way. While the essence of Kundalini awakening remains the same across various traditions, the unique aspect lies in how the ascent of Kundalini energy is approached.

In many traditional Kundalini practices, there is a tendency to rush the Kundalini energy directly to the crown chakra without allowing it to manifest in the body’s chakras and energy centers along the way. While this direct ascent can lead to certain spiritual experiences, it often bypasses the body’s energy system, missing the opportunity for thorough cleansing and balancing.

The Shiva Shakty Kundalini Yoga, on the other hand, emphasizes a holistic approach. It encourages the Kundalini energy to ascend gradually through the various chakras within the body. This slower ascent allows the energy to manifest and interact with each chakra, resulting in a comprehensive cleansing and rejuvenation of the entire energy system.

The key distinction lies in the tangible benefits that practitioners of Shiva Shakty Kundalini Yoga can experience. By allowing the Kundalini energy to flow through and interact with the body’s energy centers, practitioners often report a wide range of benefits. These benefits can include physical healing, mental clarity, emotional balance, and an overall sense of well-being.

In essence, Shiva Shakty Kundalini Yoga ensures that the practitioner’s experience of Kundalini is not just a spiritual journey but also a deeply transformative and healing one. The emphasis on the gradual ascent of energy through the body and energy channels sets this practice apart, making it a unique and potent path to harnessing the power of Kundalini for both spiritual and tangible healing purposes.

How to Receive the Online Kundalini Experience


Receiving an online Kundalini experience with Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji is a transformative journey that begins with just a few simple steps. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring that you are well-prepared to receive the spiritual transmission and awaken the Kundalini essence within you.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare Your Space

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight. It’s essential that you are not physically tired, as this could hinder your experience.

Step 2: Center Yourself

Begin by taking deep breaths for approximately 2 minutes. This deep breathing exercise will help you center yourself and prepare your mind and body for the transmission from Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji.

Step 3: See, Listen and Chant

Once you are centered, play the following video featuring the voice of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji. Listen carefully and follow the simple chanting mentally for a duration of 3 minutes. This chanting serves as the conduit for the spiritual energy that will be transmitted to you.

Step 4: Close Your Eyes and Feel

After the chanting is complete, close your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, allow yourself to feel the flow of Kundalini energy in your body. It’s crucial not to analyze what you’re experiencing, as this can block the flow of energy. Instead, simply be aware of what is happening within your body.

What to Expect

As you follow these steps, you will experience the spiritual power of Kundalini awakening. The voice and mantra of Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji will gently awaken the Kundalini essence within you, offering you a taste of this transformative spiritual energy.


Receiving an online Kundalini experience with Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji is a simple yet profound process. By following these steps, you prepare yourself to receive a spiritual transmission that can have transformative effects on your mind and body. Whether you’re new to these practices or looking to deepen your spiritual journey, this online experience serves as an invaluable introduction to the world of Kundalini awakening.