Karma Shuddhi Dhyanam

Meditation for karma cleansing – your gateway to a life unbound.

A Commoner’s Path to Purity.

Karma Shuddhi Dhyanam is a game-changer in meditation, open to all and perfect for shaking up your life in the best way! Such meditation was enver available for common public before. It dives into the heart of karma, promising to improving your spiritual, personal, and professional paths. Think of it as the ultimate cleanse for your inner world, setting the stage for a healthier, happier you. Ready to level up your peace and clarity? 

What is Karma?



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What is Karma?

Before you do the meditation, please understand about Karma and the Secret of Karmic Cleansing

In this discussion, Sri Pranaji reveals the secrets of karma & karmic cleansing. Then, in his usual “no more secrets” approach, he explains how each person at different spiritual levels can tackle karma and progress spiritually.

As we embark on this path of karma cleansing through meditation, we open ourselves to a world of spiritual and physical renewal. This practice is not just about alleviating the physical or mental ailments but is a deep dive into the core of our being, aligning us with the cosmic rhythm of the universe.


This meditation, intended for daily practice, serves as a tool for cleansing the samsara or impressions in our jeeva (soul), which carry the karmic codes influencing our health and wellness. By engaging in this meditation, we initiate a process where the parabrahman iccha shakty (the divine will) actively works to cleanse these karmic imprints. Regular practice of this meditation gradually clears these codes, paving the way for a harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Spiritual Progress & Sensitivity

Karma Shuddhi Dhyanam, a rare and potent meditation, accelerates spiritual growth and heightens sensitivity. It directly addresses and dissolves karmic blockages that impede spiritual progress, clearing the way for a deeper connection and liberation from past constraints.

General Health Improvement

Practicing this meditation gradually boosts overall health. As karmic weight lessens, it kick-starts the body’s healing powers, leading to improved physical health. This process of lightening karmic loads not only enhances spiritual wellness but also significantly betters the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Mental and Emotional Clarity

This meditation notably enhances mental and emotional clarity. Cleansing karma, practitioners find their minds and feelings becoming clearer and lighter, indicative of their spiritual essence’s ongoing purification. This clarity is one of the profound benefits of the practice, reflecting the deep cleansing effect it has on the individual’s spiritual journey.

Meditate Now

This meditation is not for pregnant women & children below 15 years of age. Before using this section, please read disclaimer, terms & conditions.


Find a quiet, comfortable space

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can either sit or lie down undisturbed for at least 20 minutes.



Look at the provided image and mentally recite the phrase “Jeeva Dhyanam Astu” three times. This phrase sets the intention and initiates the process of meditation. After reciting the mantra, close your eyes and allow the meditation to happen. It will naturally conclude in approximately 20 minutes.


Important Note

During Karma Suddhi Dhyanam, do not actively seek sensations or experiences. This form of meditation might be unlike any you have practiced before. The key is to let go and allow the energy to work its course. Trust the process and remain open to the experience without expectations.


How long should I practice?

The Journey of Karma Cleansing Karma, with its many layers and complexities, varies significantly from individual to individual. The duration of the cleansing process, therefore, can differ. However, a consistent practice of this meditation for a minimum of 100 days can yield noticeable changes. It’s important to remember that this journey is unique for each person, and patience and perseverance are key.