Jothi Transmission

Free service – on weekends and full moon days

Energy based meditations are not recommended for pregnant women and children below 15 years of age. Before you start, please read disclaimer, terms & conditions.

Note the timing:

Transmission happens at 12 am6 am, 12 pm, or 6 pm, Malaysian Time (click the time above to see your local time).

This is not an initiation

Please note that this is only a transmission and not and initiation. Pranashakty’s Jothi initiation method, “The Cosmic Jothi Diksha” can only be done in person as it involves complex spiritual changes on a receiver. On the other hand, Jothi Transmissions involves transmission of energy by Guru for registered participants and doesn’t give the ability to the to access Jothi outside the transmission window. Jothi Transmission provides 10% of the benefits of Cosmic Jothi Diksha but still gives great benefits to the receiver.

The Cosmic soul, Jothi, increases the divine light in you. This enhances spiritual progress, healing and prepares you for higher transformation. Jothi transmission through this Virtual Ashram helps us overcome limitations imposed by man made boundaries and make spiritual energies available for anyone who wants to taste it.   

Pranashakty’s online meditations are part of it’s Global Peace Initiative. Combining the power of ancient Siddha spiritual energies and ability of internet technology, we are able to reach thousands around the world and deliver life changing spiritual science and experience. Our meditations do not interfere with any religious belief or one’s ongoing spiritual practices.