Ananda Siddhi

The Pathway to Unbounded Joy from Your Inner Universe.

Tap Into the Celestial Stream Flowing Beneath Your Heart!

Ananda Siddhi is a spiritual energy that emanates happiness and bliss from within! It originates from the Ananda Kanda chakra, located right below the Heart Chakra – the point where energy and matter meet. This energy transmission can be accessed by anyone at any time by following the given instructions.



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Benefits of Ananda Siddhi

Emotional Healing & Stress Reduction

Soothes emotional distress in our bodies and fosters stability amid stressful situations. It enables manage stress more effectively in daily life and work, leading to better decisions through a calm and focused mind. 

Precious Gift for the Spiritual Aspirant

Ananda Siddhi is a remarkable asset for anyone on a spiritual journey. Regular practice allows your body to embrace bliss, blending the physical with the ecstatic. It also deepens your meditation experience, facilitating access to more profound states of contemplation.

Enhancing Natural Healing

Ananda Siddhi goes beyond mental and spiritual support; it amplifies the body’s inherent healing capabilities. In an era where human challenges have evolved in complexity, the multidimensional benefits of this energy are more pertinent than ever.

This is not an initiation.

Please understand that the meditation provided on this webpage is a transmission of energy from the Guru, not an initiation. It channels Ananda Siddhi energy to you from Sri Pranaji and not from your own Ananda Gandha Chakra. In contrast, the full Ananda Siddhi Diksha (initiation) activates your Ananda Gandha Chakra, enhancing the energy flow tenfold through your own chakra. This requires in-person attendance at Jothi Retreats, as it involves significant spiritual transformations.

Meditate Now

This meditation is not for pregnant women & children below 15 years of age. Before using this section, please read disclaimer, terms & conditions.


Find a quiet, comfortable space

  • Sit comfortably, either on the floor or on a chair.
  • Make sure that your spine is straight. You may support your back on a chair if required.
  • Observe the flow of your breath for a while, allowing yourself to relax.
  • Once you are ready, start the Ananda Siddhi Meditation as given below:

Ananda Siddhi Meditation

  • Click the following button to expand the image. Look at it for 1 minute.
  • Energy will start flowing to you. Close your eyes.
  • Enjoy the meditation for 15 minutes and longer.
  • After the meditation, come back to this page.

What to expect?

  • During Ananda Siddhi practice, you may initially feel deep silence, bliss, happiness, or warm/tingling sensations. With regular practice, it cultivates a profound calmness and a unique state of blissful happiness. This experience might occur in the first session for some, while others may need a few sessions. Eventually, everyone reaches this state of calm, characterized by bliss, happiness, and for some, total mental stillness.
  • Ananda Siddhi can lead to profound bliss and, for some, emotional cleansing. This process varies among individuals. During meditation, you might feel an urge to laugh or cry—allow these reactions, as they are part of a safe cleansing process. These experiences typically subside shortly after the meditation.
  • You may do this meditation multiple times a day, but please ensure that you are not overloaded with energy. Energy overload may cause temporary discomfort due to increased cleansing activity in body.

Disclaimer : Opinions given here are not alternatives for professional medical care. Please read disclaimer, terms & conditions.