Open Prosperity & Abundance,

the Siddha Way

Our body has all attributes of God, and they are present in the form of energy points. It is said that we have 77,000 such points in us. That is why humans can achieve enlightenment. One such point manifests prosperity. Once you open this point, prosperity becomes a natural state of being, and achieving prosperity in life becomes relatively effortless. So far, opening it was achievable only through dedicated spiritual practice. But now, Sri Pranaji has created a way that ordinary people can use.

How is it done?

Systematically doing that is achieved through a mantra. The good news is that this mantra is made available by Pranaji freely to the general public. So you don’t need Diksha or any direct contact with us. You can share this practice with anyone

Pronunciation: “YO” as in yoga and “GAM” as in gum (bubble gum)
How to use: Chant it once a week, for 5 minutes.

The power of this mantra is that the more people chant this, the larger the grid grows, and the attribute of financial freedom manifests. You open the grace of divine abundance in your life by sharing this.

Virtues of this mantra

  • Opens the energy point of prosperity and wealth
  • This mantra helps in cleansing karmic blockage. If you experience pain in the neck or shoulder during the chanting, it indicates a severe blockage, and you may need to do an extra 5 minutes of chanting.
  • The practice opens the gates of abundance and prosperity from all eight directions of the earth.