Ananda Siddhi Meditation

Instructions for participants

Do it any time in a day. Follow instructions below to participate in this energy based meditation.

Energy based meditations are not recommended for pregnant women and children below 15 years of age. Before you start, please read disclaimer, terms & conditions.

You may do this meditation multiple times a day, but please ensure that you are not overloaded with energy. Energy overload may cause temporary discomfort due to increased cleansing activity in body.

Prepare yourself

A simple preparation for maximum benefit: 

  • Sit comfortably, either on the floor or on a chair.
  • Make sure that your spine is straight. You may support your back on a chair if required.
  • Observe the flow of your breath for a while, allowing yourself to relax.
  • Once you are ready, start the Ananda Siddhi Meditation as given below:

Ananda Siddhi Meditation

Following instructions will connect you to the flow of Ananda Siddhi

  • Click to expand the image. Look at it for 30 -60 seconds (1 minute).
  • Energy has already started flowing to you. Close your eyes now.
  • Enjoy the meditation for 15 minutes and longer.
Pranashakty’s online meditations are part of it’s Global Peace Initiative. Combining the power of ancient Siddha spiritual energies and ability of internet technology, we are able to reach thousands around the world and deliver life changing spiritual science and experience. Our meditations do not interfere with any religious belief or one’s ongoing spiritual practices.