Ananda Siddhi Meditation

Taste eternal bliss, any time – any day.

Ananda Siddhi is a spiritual energy that emanates happiness and bliss from within! It originates from the Ananda Kanda chakra, located right below the Heart Chankra – the point where energy and matter meet. This energy transmission happens throughout the day and can be accessed by anyone at any time by following the given instructions.

Note : Energy based meditation – Not for pregnant women & children below 15 years of age.

Before you start, please read disclaimer, terms & conditions.

Why Ananda Siddhi?

A centuries old secret is now a need of the hour!

Siddhas identified many energies that can take your spiritual journey forward.. One of them is Ananda Siddhi. It is regarded as a precious gift to a spiritual aspirant because regular practice can enable your body to become one of bliss. Diving in to deep blissful meditation was not the only purpose of using Ananda Siddhi. It was also given to students who were struggling to manage the stress of daily life. Its has the ability to enhance a body’s natural healing ability. While humans evolved mentally and spiritually, their problems also become more complex. Multi-dimensional applications of this beautiful energy is now more relevant than ever before. This meditation is our humble gift to humanity, for anyone going through turbulent times and also anyone who wishes to experience or repeat the meditation; as we believe that general public can greatly benefit from this powerful energy.

This is not an initiation.

Please note that this meditation is only a transmission of energy from Guru and not an initiation. This means that during this meditation, Ananda Siddhi flows to you from outside your body. On the other hand, the Ananda Siddhi Diksha (initiation) opens your Ananda Kandha Chakra and gives you 10 times more energy through your own chakra. It can only be done in person through Jothi Retreats as it involves complex spiritual changes on a receiver.

What will I experience?

Deep calmness with regular practice

Ananda Siddhi, with regular practice, brings deep and profound calmness in you, called alpha/theta states of mind. Some experience it during the very first meditation and some feel it after a few rounds of practice. No matter what, it will eventually come. This calmness is different. It is a state of bliss combined with happiness. Some participants report total stillness of mind.

Body sensations/thoughts during the meditation

You may feel some body sensations during initial few days. You may feel warm, cold, some feel prickling sensations on skin. It is perfectly normal. Body is trying to adjust to the transformations initiated by Ananda Siddhi. eventually, they will reduce or vanish, giving way for diamond like clarity. Thoughts may come and it is okay.  

Burst of emotions during meditation

While Ananda Siddhi makes way for deep rooted bliss, some emotional cleansing may happen for few people. During meditation, if you want to laugh or cry, let it happen. It is safe. 

People around you feel happy

Ananda Siddhi not only brings bliss to you but it also makes your aura so strong that people around you feel the effect. People around you may feel happier than before and may start responding to you more positively.

Improved health

Ananda Siddhi helps in improving your body’s natural healing ability. As you do the emditation every day, your health improves.

Ananda Siddhi Meditation is not an alternative to professional medical advice. If you are suffering from any form of illness, please consult a doctor.

Pranashakty’s online meditations are part of its Global Peace Initiative. Combining the power of ancient Siddha spiritual energies and ability of internet technology, we are able to reach thousands around the world and deliver life changing spiritual science and experience. Our meditations do not interfere with any religious belief or one’s ongoing spiritual practices. This is NOT an alternative to professional medical advice.