Meditate now, with thousands around the world

Pranashakty’s online meditations  are combined with energy transmission by Guru. Together with up-liftment of consciousness that a group meditation provides, a receiver enjoys positive changes in body, mind and spirit.

Energy based meditations are not recommended for pregnant women and children below 15 years of age. Before you start, please read disclaimer, terms & conditions.

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Ashram @ your home

Through online meditation and healing, we bring the concept of Ashram to your home. With the power of group meditation, anyone can quickly connect to the power of connected consciouness and leave the stress of daily affairs behind.

Energy enhanced meditations

Each meditation made available to public is combined with safe and effective energies that give peace, healing and promote well being. This makes them unique and so effective and are just what the world needs at the time of turbulance.

No interference with you faith

Pranashakty’s online meditations are free and does not require the receiver to give any commitment to Pranashakty’s spiritual path. It doesn’t interfere with any spiritual practice or activation in your system. Pranashakty is serious about receiver’s free will.

Pranashakty’s online meditations are part of it’s Global Peace Initiative. Combining the power of ancient Siddha spiritual energies ability of internet technology, we are able to reach thousands around the world and deliver life changing meditative experience. Our meditation doesn’t interfere with any religious beleif of one’s ongoing spiritual practices.