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Sri Pranaji  |  03 March 2022, Malaysia

Diksha & Dissolving Karma – Why does it not (yet) work?

Frequently, questions arise about practicing karma clearance, particularly regarding past Maha Shiva Ratri events. Many people wonder how they can rid themselves of negative karma. Despite prayer, meditation, and other spiritual practices, some individuals struggle to dissolve their negative karmic cycle.

  • “Why am I unable to achieve a faster result in karmic clearance? I’ve done all the practices, but nothing seems to work?”
  • “Despite the same Diksha and meditation, I am still struggling while he/she seems to have cleared their karma quickly. How is that fair?”
  • “Dear Guru, are you sure I was given a Diksha? I don’t feel anything. I think I’m just pure bad luck.”
  • “How do we know that we are practicing correctly for clearing our karma?”
  • “Why does it take so long to achieve the desired karmic clearance?”
  • “I do not have time to practice this every day (20-minute practice), I need to focus on other things in my life, etc.”
  • “This does not work for me! I’m giving up!”

This can lead to feelings of frustration and the tendency to place blame on others for their karma, instead of recognizing that their own actions are the cause. The reality is that every person’s journey to clear their karma is unique, and it may take time and effort to achieve a positive shift.

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It is true that not everyone experiences the same timeline for karma cleansing. Some people may find the process quick and smooth, while others may encounter obstacles and challenges along the way. This is because every person has a unique balance of positive and negative karma that determines their current and future experiences.

For example, someone who has performed positive actions in past lives may find it easier to work on their karma in this lifetime. Conversely, someone who has committed negative deeds may struggle with the consequences of their actions in the form of mental, emotional, or physical challenges.

Even though everyone may receive the same initiation, meditation, or spiritual tool, the results can differ. Clearing negative karma can be a difficult process, but it is not impossible. The journey to dissolve karma is unique to each person and may require perseverance and patience.

Every decision we make in life has a direct impact on our present experiences. Often, we get caught up in negativity and problems without realizing that these situations are opportunities for growth and healing. Instead of taking responsibility for our actions, we may choose to dwell on the problem.

It’s important to understand that our lives are influenced by both karma (50%) and our own choices or “free will” (50%). Our free will gives us the power to make conscious decisions and take spiritual paths.

To achieve a high level of wisdom and ethical morality, it’s essential to view karma as an opportunity for personal growth and change. By becoming more conscious and willing to work on our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, we can experience deeper healing and a greater sense of self-awareness. By doing so, we have the power to shape our own future and destiny.


Changing karmic cycles or patterns requires a significant amount of effort, time, and patience. It’s helpful to view these challenges as personal goals for self-improvement and to seek guidance from a spiritual leader or Guru.

Remember that all prayers should be accompanied by self-commitment, self-care, and self-compassion. It’s not enough to simply pray for change; one must also actively work towards their goals and be kind to themselves during the process.

This combination of spiritual and personal effort can lead to lasting and meaningful change in one’s karmic cycle.

Contrary to popular belief, practicing spiritual practices alone cannot completely end the karmic cycle. Simply following the instructions of spiritual leaders or professionals is not enough to guarantee results.

A Guru or spiritual leader can guide individuals towards greater insight and wisdom, but ultimately, it’s up to the individual to take responsibility for their lives and exercise their free will in addressing their karmic patterns. The Guru can offer guidance, but it’s important to remember that the process of loosening karma takes time and can’t be forced.

It’s important to approach the process with humility, patience, and a lack of fixed expectations. The consequences of loosened karma will unfold in their own time, and it’s crucial to allow the process to unfold naturally without trying to control it. Trust in the journey and have faith in the process.


Have you ever heard of this famous saying – ‘when a problem arises, we seek help from God- however, when life changes for the better, we tend to forget or become ignorant of our capabilities.’ – does that sound familiar to you?

The most effective way to change one’s present is to practice gratitude, unwavering faith, humility, and forgiveness while focusing on unwavering commitment and asking the Divine for help. That way, life forms clarity and this helps to dissolve attachment to any physical or emotional negativities in life – as a way of relieving karma in life. 

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