Suddha Deham

The Vast Grace Light has developed a Gracious, auspicious, unique and unparallel Space in me where I can manifest my golden triple body.”

“Oh Vast Grace Light you are the sphere of Oneness from where everything comes, all help, Happiness, and the ultimate knowledge.”

“Oh Vast Grace Light you are radiant, the supreme sky also known as the space of deathlessness and immortality glorified by great men.”

Swami Ramalingam

Swamiji’s physical body had become tenuous and translucent. Disciples have recorded that it cast no distinct shadow. It is said that several attempts were made to photograph him. But since light passed through his body no clear image could be obtained. What could be seen were only his clothing and a very misty vision of his face and limbs. And from such a translucent body made so by pure living, dematerialization was but a few steps away.

Information on the Suddha Deham by Swamiji :

The Jothi manifests before the Suddha Deham is manifested. It manifests like a rising sun, chakra by chakra, centre by centre. As it rises the “Rod of Light” is established. This takes the consciousness into the Higher Realms, above the veils. The Rod of Light securely anchors the Light into the Soul and eventually will join up with the Suddha Deham. The Rod of Light penetrates the spiritual levels through levels 0-6, up to the 12th layer.

The lightbody is like a protective sheath around the physical body.  It penetrates the physical body into the organs, tissue and blood
It forms a golden body around all 5 the bodies. It heals the etheric body and it restores the blueprint of the body. It brings great peace and serenity. Once the light body has manifested it starts a process of turning all the sheaths and eventually the physical body into light. The physical body will acquire a natural fragrance of flowers. This body can move through walls. You can live in this body without eating food. Manifestation of the lightbody into the physical goes through a process until it penetrates the physical body. The physical becomes almost translucent and the light is visible through the skin.

The Suddha deham at first appears as a garment of light. It sits around the body and its etheric sheaths. It manifests through the different realms/bodies, i.e. emotional/astral, mental and spiritual. The body appears to become translucent and has a soft glow to it – once it has manifested in the physical. Once you have acquired the Suddha deham, it takes faith and commitment to manifest it. It is to align the mind with the Higher Mind. It is to keep the mind under the authority of the Higher Mind at all times. It contains Divine Thought. It is Divine Mind. It is a manifestation of Pure Light on the physical material world. It does not ‘absorb’ the physical body, it overshadows it – it replaces the physical body and it becomes a vehicle of your Godself. It follows on the purification of all identification with the body as a separate entity.

It is a melding of the Divine Mind with the Body. The three lightbodies are enclosed/contained within each other.

Changes in DNA :

There is a link between the Suttha Deham and the changes in the DNA . This will manifest on the physical level. By God’s Will this whole process can happen in an instant. When the DNA has changed/evolved it will carry the encoded language of light.  This will be part of the genetic code of the human body and will be passed onto the next generation. The jothi is absorbed through the membranes of the cell and metabolised by the DNA.  Eventually the DNA will manifest an extra strand. The spiritual man will be proved scientifically.

Changes in physical body due to above effects :

As you absorb Jothi your body evolves to a spiritual body.  Your mind and heart purifies and you become a clear vessel for the Light. The physical body is patterned on the blueprint of the DNA.  Already the DNA of those born now is different to the DNA of those born a 100 years ago. In order for the body to manifest the Jothi, the DNA has to undergo certain changes.  This is not always a smooth process.
Some will experience physical distress and others mild discomfort.

Some of the physical symptoms are:

  • Flu-like conditions
  • Persistent headaches
  • Unusual distention of the stomach area
  • Random aches in joints and legs
  • Back ache