Physical Transformations

Jothi transforms in molicular level

Jothi penetrates the molecular structure of the cells of the body. It enters the heart of the genetic encoding on cellular level and transforms it. It literally obliterates the distortion of the original blueprint of the cell. These encodings and distortions can be traced back seven generations passed on either on the mother or father line or both. The manifestation of this distortion is at its most powerful in the third and fourth generations. When the transformation takes place in the cells it has a retro-active effect on all seven previous generations.
It clears the karma for seven generations passed.

Jothi transforms the metabolic process of the DNA. It regenerates a new structure and system contained in the cellular memory of the DNA. This is a process that takes place and transformation is not instantaneous. The physical effects of this process include many of the symptoms already explained to you. During the transformation process a new cell is created. It is not merely that the cell changes. The cell is replaced by a new cell. This process is integrated into the body’s natural cycle of discarding and replacing cells on a continuous basis. The difference now is that instead of replacing the old cell with an identical defective/scarred cell, the cell is replaced by a perfect, healthy cell, carrying within itself the new programming of perfect health and a higher vibration and a higher consciousness contained in the Light.

On the brain:

The absorption of Jothi has a direct effect on the human brain.  It changes the chemical composition of the brain and it leads to the healing of bipolar disorder, alcohol addiction, manic depressive states, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder and phobias. The light stimulates centres and neurotransmitters in the brain which activate the production of serotonin and other chemicals which alleviate depression, mood swings and generally leads to feelings of lightheartedness and joy.

Staring into the direct sunlight just as the sun rises at dawn and sets again at dusk, enables the brain to receive the Light that flows from behind the physical sun.  The rays of the sun are not harmful at those times and the eyes can absorb the Light contained in the light of the sun.  This will lead to a strengthening of Jothi in the body.

The neural pathways in the brain that has been created by habitual thinking and reacting, can be eliminated by absorption of Jothi and new ones will be formed according to a higher vibration of thinking.

Neurons are ‘fired’ in the brain on average at 30 per second.  This rate is increased to a minimum of 50 per second leading to higher brain activity and the of a larger portion of the brain enabling the person to access the so-called ‘genius’ centres in the brain, leading to a greater capacity and supernatural capacity for thinking and understanding.

Mental health is a big problem in the modern age and detrimental to spiritual growth.  It is important to stress the transformational ability of Jothi healings and blessings.