Light in everything . Light that has everything

Jothi, the light of your soul and cosmos, is the most powerful energy that one can access. Practice with Jothi reveals the dormant Jothi that was covered by mental & Karmic substances. It paves way for deep spiritual transformations. With Cosmic Jothi Diksha, one gets unlimited access to Jothi & it accelerates ongoing practices with enhanced cosmic connection.

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Jothi transforms you energetically & physically

Jothi transforms chakras and clears the way to achieve  Shuddha Deham – the disease-less body .  Changes in molecular level are initated and significant improvements in brain and mind are observed.

Oh Vast Grace Light, you are the sphere of Oneness from where everything comes – All Help, Happiness and Ultimate Knowledge.

Swami Ramalingam

Jothi Diksha – Swami Ramalingam’s blessing to the mankind

All spiritual traditions talk about Jothi. But Swami Ramalingam was the only saints who gave a structured practice about Jothi and actually lived with a translucent light body! He revealed the power of Jothi – the “Vast Grace Light”, and its healing powers to mankind. He said that humanity had lost their connection to their Divine Inner power, the Light or Jothi. This Inner Power is always be readily available and accessible to humanity. 

He surprised everyone by demonstrating what human being can achieve. Pranaji’s Jothi Diksha is designed after techniques that were passed on to him by Swami Ramalingam that was later combined with Cosmic Diksha methodology.

Cosmic Jothi Diksha

A Guru’s intervention can initiate huge transformation in our spiritual path. Cosmic Jothi Diksha is Sri Pranaj’s apporach to take us for a big leap. It not only provides us access to unlimited, non-stop flow of Jothi at will but also creates huge spiritual transformation that requires many years of practice otherwise. Cosmic Jothi Diksha can be taken only in person and the ability to give initiation has been bestowed upon Acharyas (Pranashakty’s trainers) through Jothi Body of Light Retreats. Due to the training and associated preparatory processes involved, Cosmic Jothi Diksha is not usually provided outside the retreat, unless directed by Sri Pranaji.


What happens after Diksha?

After the diksha, The Light does its work in the body and mind in various stages of process. First, it starts the process of purification. This can lead to what appears to be dark moods or mental and emotional states and depression. It is important not to stop receiving the Light when this happens, but to continue on a regular basis. This meditation is very powerful; it will change your DNA.  You will feel energy growing and expanding during the meditation process. The energy will expand inside and around you, hence opening all the chakras.  Regular meditation will bring fast desired results.


Jothi Body of Light Retreats

Jothi Retreats are designed to help you take a serious step towards spiritual progress. Many important initiations and guided practices are given that combines experience and practice along with clarity over concepts. In addition to the Cosmic Jothi Diksha, participants receive Sarva Shakti Sadhana, energies that can transform DNA and take you to bliss. Jothi Retreats are conducted by our spiritual teachers, called Acharyas.

Pranashakty Jothi Retreat

Image : Jothi Swaroopies – from Jothi Retreat in Russia