Jothi Transmission for immune booster and healing

The Siddhas see spirituality as something ‘holistic’. It is a combination of material and physical aspects of life. With the power of Jothi, Sri Pranaji brings about the quickest way to improve the immune system and balance emotions – to help people globally to manage this difficult time.


Arut Perum Jothi

The Vallalar was the one who affirmed openly and clearly in unmistakable language that the ‘deathlessness’ of his body was attained by the power of what he called “Arut Perum Jothi” – the Vast Grace-Light of the Divine, which he identified as the Truth-Light of Knowledge – “Satya Jnana Jothi”. A saint whose very soul was made of infinite love and compassion, a sage of the Truth- he introduced the concept of ‘deathlessness’ of the body, an essential part of the realisation of the true blissful Divine. He believed the consciousness who possessed the divine knowledge and science of the deathless body, and attained its ‘deathless’ transformation with the self-creative power of creating all the substances of whatever kind including bodily substances.

What You expect from This transmission

Instant Immune Booster

Minor Healing for current illnesses

Stress Removal

How can you join?

We will keep updating the transmission dates and timings constantly from all over the world.

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