Jothi Transmission

& Peace Meditation

28 & 29 March 2020

Free service – Boost immunity against COVID-19 & remove fear

In this simple global energy transmission, dedicated Acharyas (spiritual teachers under the guidance of Sri Pranaji) will harness the amazing healing properties of Jothi, sending this life giving light to boost everyone’s immune systems and relieve people of fear and panic in the midst of the pandemic. The Acharyas of Pranashakty International have gone through intensive spiritual transformation for many years in their journey to be light givers.

Meet your Acharyas and Co-transmitters

It is important to note that this is not claimed to be a form of cure to CoVid-19. Please follow the advice of your doctor and health practitioner. As they say, the best defense is regular cleansing, effective personal hygiene and avoiding potential exposure or direct contact with the virus. A strong immune system is vital to fighting viruses and disease. Remaining calm, stress free and happy contributes to healthy minds and resilient emotions.