The Murti of Jothi Siddhar

A divine solution for the life’s challenges

“Over the last two to three millennia, spirituality has primarily been an echo of the Vedas, scriptures, and writings of the Siddhars, with gurus often appearing to be in a state of slumber. As science has advanced leaps and bounds, the dawn of spiritual discovery must similarly break, bringing forth fresh insights and practices for an era that craves relevance and dynamism.”
– Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji

What inspired this idea?

The concept

The Murti of Jothi Siddhar, a revered spiritual guide in the Siddha tradition, serves as a universal spiritual solution provider. The Murti, activated with Jothi Siddhar’s soul and bearing blessings of Lord Shiva and Adi Parashakti, transcends traditional limitations and offers solutions for a wide range of life’s problems. Its influence spans across spheres such as health, finance, work, relationships, and protection from black magic, fostering peace, prosperity, clarity, harmony, and protection. The Murti is open to everyone, regardless of their beliefs, offering solace and guidance. However, it operates within an individual’s karmic framework, aiding but not absolving one’s karmic imprint.

Not just an idol

It is a bridge between the material world and a higher spiritual realm, serving as a beacon in the modern world. It is important to note that invoking the benefits requires sincere prayer and expressing gratitude for the blessings.

Solution for spiritual & material problems

The Murti embodies the transformative power of spirituality and provides practical means to integrate this power into daily lives, offering hope and solutions within our karmic paths.

How is this achieved?

Jothi Siddhar has bifurcated the Atma (part of God residing in humans), making a portion of it accessible through the Murti, inviting everyone to explore faith, prayer, and divine energy.

Great tool for spiritual transformation

In addition to addressing earthly issues, the Murti offers profound spiritual guidance, helping seekers on their spiritual journey or clearing blockages to enhance spiritual energy flow.

Why is it necessary?

The question of why the Murti of Jothi Siddhar is necessary requires understanding the spiritual philosophy behind it. The atma, akin to universal consciousness, transcends duality, functioning on a plane distinct from our physical world. However, when this consciousness enters the physical plane, it manifests as jivatma, constrained by the body’s limits. Divine beings often communicate through intermediaries, such as prophets or avatars, to connect with the physical world. Similarly, the Murti of Jothi Siddhar serves as an intermediary.

When an individual attains nirvikalpa samadhi, or absolute unbroken consciousness, they are absorbed in the atma, transcending the dualistic world. While spiritually profound, this state provides no direct benefits to individuals still confined to the dualistic world. Upon returning from samadhi, the full power of the atma becomes inaccessible due to the constraints of our dualistic state.

Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji innovatively addressed this issue by bifurcating the atma in its full consciousness and infusing a portion of it (jivatma) into the Murti. This enables the Murti to bridge the gap between the transcendental realm of the atma and the dualistic world. As such, the Murti becomes a medium, able to receive requests from seekers and provide solutions. Through the Murti, the otherwise inaccessible power of the atma becomes available to humanity, aiding those seeking guidance. Thus, the Murti serves as a spiritual lighthouse, guiding individuals unconstrained by duality.

A Source of Healing and Transformation

The Divine Murti of Jothi Siddhar: A Source of Healing and Transformation

In the realm of spiritual healing and well-being, the Divine Murti of Jothi Siddhar emerges as a beacon of hope and rejuvenation. Endowed with an extraordinary healing power, this sacred Murti has been recognized for its ability to alleviate all manner of diseases and ailments. With its profound connection to the higher realms of consciousness, the Murti extends its benevolent influence to those in need, offering a pathway to health and well-being.

Remarkably, the Divine Murti of Jothi Siddhar is known to manifest healing within a span of just 20 days for most conditions. This swift response to the pleas of those seeking relief is a testament to its immense spiritual power. However, in cases where karmic issues are at play, the healing process might extend up to 30 days. This variance in healing time underscores the intricate connection between our spiritual, karmic journey and our physical well-being.

The Murti’s approach to healing transcends conventional methods, tapping into the profound depths of spiritual energy and wisdom. It is a holistic process that not only addresses the physical manifestations of illness but also works to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. In doing so, the Murti nurtures a complete and lasting state of wellness, deeply rooted in spiritual balance.

Moreover, the Divine Murti’s ability to heal reflects a compassionate response to the ever-changing challenges faced by mankind in a rapidly evolving world. It demonstrates an ongoing evolution, continuously developing new solutions and practices to address the myriad of health challenges that arise in our dynamic world.

During times of global crisis, such as the world pandemic, the Murti’s healing powers were particularly evident. Many individuals found solace and healing from COVID-related ailments, benefiting from its divine intervention while the world awaited mainstream medical solutions. This ability to provide immediate, effective relief further underscores the Murti’s vital role as a source of divine healing.

The Divine Murti of Jothi Siddhar thus stands as a remarkable spiritual entity, offering a powerful and evolving system of healing that is both timely and timeless. It is a testament to the potential of spiritual energy to transform and heal, offering a ray of hope and healing to all those who seek its divine touch.

“Transcending the realm of rituals, we enter the sanctuary of love. Replacing offerings with the gift of unconditional love, shifting from static meditation to an eternal connection, and transforming guru worship into selfless service – this new age calls for an evolved approach to spirituality. The Murthi of Jothi Siddhar  stands as a testament to this evolution, guiding us to embrace love, connection, and service in our journey towards the divine.”

The day I reach Maha Samadhi, all the Murtis of Jothi Siddhar will be endowed with the full power of the Parabrahman.”

Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about?

What can be achieved and how?

Understand the bigger picture

How do I get one?

What is this all about?

In this section, we aim to address the most common inquiries regarding the introduction of this sacred embodiment, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of its significance and transformative power. Explore the wisdom and unveil the secrets that lie within this sacred masterpiece.

What does the statue represent?

The murthi  of Jothi Siddhar  is a spiritual symbol, much like icons in various religions. This statue is believed to contain a piece of universal consciousness, or “atma”. It offers a tangible focus point, linking spiritual seekers to a higher realm and providing guidance for different challenges. For example, if someone is facing health problems, praying to the statue may lead to intuitive insights or synchronicities that contribute to better health.

How does the murti work?

The statue functions based on the concept of universal consciousness or “atma”. It is believed that Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji infused part of this consciousness into the murti. When you pray sincerely to the statue, expressing your concerns, it’s like directly communicating with this universal consciousness. The murti  then offers guidance or solutions, which could manifest as a sudden insight, deep peace, or an unforeseen opportunity.

How does the murti provide solutions?

The method of solution delivery varies depending on the nature of the issue:

  • Health-related issues: For problems concerning health, the divine essence within the statue may transfer healing energy directly to the individual.More specific healing, there is metode to follow for 20 day after getting the blessing from the Murti. Sometimes, the individual might feel this transmission if they’re sensitive to energy. In other cases, the statue may provide insights on dietary changes, herbal remedies, or modern allopathic treatments, depending on the nature of the health issue.
  • Guidance and intuition: For issues about karma, finances, business decisions, and so on, the statue could send solutions directly into a person’s mind. This could happen in the form of visions or intuitions. About half the population can receive these direct transmissions. For those who can’t, the statue’s caretakers—people who are energy-sensitive or have basic clairvoyance skills—may help deliver the guidance.
  • Past and future inquiries: For questions about past events or future happenings, the statue often gives visions that depict the situation accurately.

It’s worth noting that the ultimate acceptance and application of these solutions lie within the individual’s free will.

What is "Prapti" - the Siddhi installed in the murti?

Prapti, in Sanskrit, means ‘attainment’. In the Siddha philosophy, it signifies the unique ability to achieve anything, anywhere. This capability allows a connection with the universal consciousness or Atma, facilitating guidance or solutions for different challenges. This Siddhi is infused into the murti of Jothi Siddhar , empowering it to give solutions to those who pray sincerely.

Why is the murti in the form of Sri Pranaji? Is it his ego?

The murti could indeed assume any shape, but given the abundance of religious icons and deities with distinct characteristics and affiliations, Sri Pranaji decided against adding to this. Instead, he introduced a new form to avoid any religious restrictions. His intention was to aid mankind, not to promote personal worship. His only ‘ego’, if one could call it that, was his dedication to serving humanity. He doesn’t accept traditional reverence like feet washing or being called a guru and doesn’t wear elaborate clothing or demand special treatment. His attention is solely on mankind’s improvement.

Are there any other murti with similar capabilities?

Yes, similar capacities can be instilled in other murti. For example, with Lord Muruga’s help, a statue of Murugan can be empowered to provide solutions for health issues. However, for existing deity statues, we’d need to seek the deity’s permission and conduct a special prana prathista, which involves invoking life energy into the statue, thus endowing it with similar capabilities.

What issues can the murti help with?

The murti is believed to assist with various issues, both personal (health, finances, relationships) and professional (work challenges, business obstacles). It also provides protection from negative influences like black magic. For instance, a struggling business owner may receive innovative solutions after praying to the murti, or a couple in conflict may find a way to reconcile.

What can be achieved and how?

In this section, we explore the profound ways in which this statue can be utilized, guiding you on a path of spiritual healing, guidance, and connection. Uncover the secrets and embrace the blessings that await your journey with this revered embodiment.

How soon can I expect a solution after prayer?

The timing of the solution varies based on the issue’s complexity and the person’s sensitivity to the murti’s guidance. Solutions can be instant, like immediate calm for someone praying for anxiety relief. For complex issues, it can take up to 44 days for a clear solution to appear.

How does it deliver solutions?

The statue provides solutions in various ways, depending on the nature of the problem:

Health-related issues: If the problem is health-related, it’s believed that the statue can direct healing energy or solutions to your body. If you’re sensitive to energy, you might feel these transmissions. In some cases, the statue might suggest certain dietary changes, herbal remedies, or even allopathic treatments. If you ask about potential future health issues, you may experience sensations in your body that indicate the nature of these potential issues.

Karma, Finance, Business Decisions: For issues related to karma, finance, and business decisions, the statue can provide guidance directly to your mind in the form of visions or intuitions. These visions can guide you on the steps you need to take to resolve your issues.

Past or Future Related Queries: If you have queries related to past or future events, the statue can provide answers in the form of visions that show the events as they are or will be.

Assistance for Those Not Energy Sensitive: If you’re not sensitive to these energy transmissions or visions, don’t worry. The selected guides are trained to receive this information and can help transfer the information to you. The statue has been designed in such a way to ensure that every individual, regardless of their sensitivity to energy, can benefit from its guidance.

Do I need to perform rituals or offerings?

No, you don’t need to perform any specific rituals or make offerings, nor do you need a priest to mediate your prayers. You simply need to approach the murti with sincerity, express your problem in heartfelt prayer, and remain open to the guidance that follows. The universal consciousness within the murti responds to sincerity and openness, not formal rituals. For instance, someone facing financial difficulties may simply express their need for financial stability, and they may then find themselves noticing previously unseen opportunities.

Why don't we see the extensive rituals for the Murti of Jothi Siddhar that are common even among contemporary gurus?

Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji is not bound by the standard practices outlined in the scriptures, as his understanding and realization were achieved through his own discovery and with the help of other Siddhas. He believes that avoiding such expensive and elaborate rituals serves the interests of mankind better. Additionally, such rituals are often the starting point for cult practices, which he wants to avoid. His aim is to make spiritual wisdom and its benefits more accessible and inclusive, rather than confined within the bounds of traditional ritualistic practices.

Will it interfere with my personal beliefs & faith?

The murti is not intended to replace or conflict with your personal beliefs or faith. Rather, it’s a tool for spiritual guidance that can complement your existing spiritual practices. For example, if you’re a Christian, you might find the statue helps deepen your understanding of Christ’s teachings. If you’re a non-believer, you might simply view the statue as a form of psychological support.

With the guidance of the murti, should I stop my medication or therapy?

No, you should continue with your prescribed medication or therapy. The statue provides spiritual guidance and assistance, but it is not a substitute for professional medical or therapeutic advice. Always consult with your healthcare provider for medical concerns.

Can the murti assist with mental health issues?

Yes, the murti is believed to provide guidance and relief for mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. Many individuals have reported feeling a sense of peace and wellbeing after praying to the murti. For instance, someone struggling with anxiety might find they feel more calm and centered after praying to the statue.

Can the murti protect me from negative energies or forces?

The murti is believed to offer protection from negative influences, including the effects of black magic. For instance, if you feel that you’re the target of ill wil or negative forces, you might experience a sense of protection or notice a decrease in negative occurrences after praying to the murti.

Can children pray to the murti?

Yes, children can use the murti. In fact, it’s believed to be particularly beneficial for them as they navigate various challenges, such as difficulties in school or personal struggles. For example, a child struggling with academic pressure might find relief and solutions after praying to the murti.

Will this murti replace all therapies?

The murti of Jothi Siddhar  is not intended to replace traditional therapies, but rather to guide and complement them. For health-related issues, the murti might direct you towards certain therapists or doctors, or advise specific treatments that could help. It finds solutions that already exist within the health domain; it does not create new ones.

For non-health-related issues, such as finance or wealth, the murti can provide mystical guidance, such as investment advice or warnings about potential business pitfalls.

In some cases, the murti might enhance the effectiveness of your current therapy by helping your therapist identify the right course of treatment for you, thereby speeding up your healing process. In situations where the necessary solution is not readily available to you, or if you can’t afford it, it’s believed that the statue’s imbued atma can download the solution directly to your system. The atma’s intelligence can see the full picture and decides on the best course of action.


Does the murti provide solutions to collective problems, like those of a community or a country?

The murti primarily focuses on individual guidance, but the underlying principle of universal consciousness suggests it can also address collective issues. This means that if a community or group comes together to pray for a common cause, they might collectively perceive solutions or experience positive changes.

The Bigger Picture

Learn about the murti’s technical and philosophical aspects for a deeper understanding of its possibilities and limitations.

Is there a scientific basis for the murti's function?

The murti operates on spiritual principles, not an empirical science, yet its effectiveness is backed by many personal testimonies. People report improved health, eased financial difficulties, or healed relationships after sincere prayers. Although not scientifically verifiable, these stories add credibility to the murti’s power. The statue could be seen as a mystic entity, blending the law of attraction, manifestation, prayer power, and divine intervention.

How does the murti embody Vedic, Bhagavad Gita, and Siddha teachings?

The murti embodies key spiritual concepts found in these texts. From the Vedas, it reflects the concept of universal consciousness or Brahman. From the Bhagavad Gita, it reflects the idea of the divine manifesting in the physical world to guide and aid humanity. From Siddha philosophy, it embodies the principle of selfless love and service, which is seen in the commitment of those who receive the murti to use it in service of others.

will this replace all deity in the temple now.

While the murti of Jothi Siddhar  introduces a new and innovative way of seeking spiritual guidance and solutions, it does not aim to replace the deities or practices in existing temples. The traditional deities and the rituals associated with them have been part of human spiritual practices for thousands of years, serving as focal points for prayers, meditation, and spiritual transformation.

These established practices and the deities associated with them offer specific forms of guidance and blessings, each unique to their divine attributes. They continue to be valid pathways for spiritual seeking and will remain so.

The murti of Jothi Siddhar brings a complementary and holistic approach to these existing practices, integrating them into a broader framework of spiritual evolution. It symbolizes the amalgamation of ancient wisdom and modern advancements, such as AI, to address contemporary spiritual and material challenges.

In summary, the murti does not aim to replace traditional deities or temple practices but seeks to augment them, providing an additional channel for spiritual seekers to find solutions and guidance. Its existence is a testament to the ongoing evolution of spiritual practices that continue to meet the diverse needs of humanity.

Will we be able to see the atma in the statue?

The atma or soul in the murti is not visible in a conventional sense as it operates on a transcendental plane. However, individuals with spiritual insight or heightened consciousness might perceive its presence or energy. It’s important to note that how the atma presents itself can vary greatly based on an individual’s beliefs or mental constructs, often taking forms such as gods, goddesses, or angels.

Why is this murti a more practical solution compared to to other Vedic or modern sources?

The murti of Jothi Siddhar provides a different kind of assistance compared to conventional sources. While spiritual gurus or psychologists often provide guidance based on philosophical concepts, these may not always translate into practical, actionable solutions. For example, advising someone to reduce expectations or stop setting goals to combat depression might not be a feasible solution in real life. On the other hand, the murti, infused with a portion of Sri Pranaji’s atma, works as an intermediary between the divine and physical realms, offering more personalized guidance and tangible solutions. These are not merely philosophical but are intended to directly address individual problems. The statue can provide help in many areas, ranging from health and finances to relationships and spiritual growth, all within the framework of the individual’s karma. Remember, however, that while the murti provides guidance, actions based on this guidance are ultimately the responsibility of the individual.

How does this solution affect the karma and free will?

The concept of karma holds that our actions, both good and bad, have consequences that we must eventually face. Free will, on the other hand, suggests that we have the power to choose our actions.

In the context of the statue, it’s believed that sincere prayers and the desire for change are a form of positive action. These actions can help alter the course of our karma, leading to better outcomes. This doesn’t negate the law of karma but allows for the possibility of mitigating its negative effects through conscious actions. Regarding free will, the statue does not interfere with or override it. Instead, it respects our freedom of choice while providing guidance and solutions. The ultimate decision to act on the provided solutions rests with us, thus ensuring our free will remains intact.

Is there any issue or problem that the murti cannot solve?

Yes, if the issues or problems are related to personal karma that one needs to go through, the murti may not provide immediate solutions. The murti operates within the framework of an individual’s karma, offering guidance and assistance but not absolving one from their karmic responsibilities.

Will spiritual practices given by acharyas (teachers) help in the solution provided by the statue?

Yes, all self-efforts, including spiritual practices given by teachers or acharyas, are believed to augment the solutions provided by the statue. The underlying principle is “God helps those who help themselves.” The atma within the statue can perceive your sincerity and efforts and is thus more likely to provide you with better solutions.

Additionally, engaging in spiritual practices, such as the Jothi Retreats, Shakty Enlightenment Program, or therapies like Prana Kriya Varma and Energy Modalities, can help you become more receptive to the guidance and solutions provided by the statue. These practices can enhance your sensitivity to the transmission of solutions from the statue, making it easier for you to understand and apply the solutions in your life.

How Do I Get One?

Understand how to get a murti of Jothi Siddhar . read about the selection criteria, methods and procedures. 

Who is eligible?

Q: Who is eligible to have the murti of Jothi Siddhar ?

A: Students of the Shakty Enlightenment Program or who ever are willing to use this to perform seva (service). The student has to describe how he/she intends to use this statue, and space for the statue for people seeking healing and solutions and the request will be reviewed by a designated committee.

Q: Is there any training provided for managing the murti?

A: Yes, a one-day training session is provided for managing the murti center effectively.

Q: What are the benefits of having the murti and performing seva?

A: The statue carries blessings that can bring prosperity to the owner and their family, both financially and health-wise. This is considered one of the siddhis (spiritual powers) of the statue. The benefits are believed to flow as a result of helping the divine to assist people through the statue.

Can anyone receive the benefit of the murti?

Yes, the murti is accessible to all, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs. It’s designed to provide solutions to anyone who approaches it with sincerity. Whether you’re a devout follower of a particular faith, an agnostic, or an atheist, as long as you approach the statue with an open mind and a sincere heart, it can provide guidance and solutions. A person willing to receive the service should contact the SEP graduate who has a murti. 

Can I gift the murti to someone else?

While it might seem like a thoughtful idea, the murti are not meant to be casually given away as gifts. They are entrusted to those who commit to serving others. Instead of giving it away, you might encourage the person to pursue their own commitment to service, so they can receive their own murti.

Where can I find one of these murti?

The murti are disseminated to individuals who commit to serving others. To find out how you might receive a statue, you should contact the organization responsible for distributing them.

Will Sri Pranaji also teach this Siddhi or ability to others?

Yes, Sri Pranaji is committed to sharing this Siddha knowledge with others. He offers various programs, notably the Shakty Enlightenment Program. For those who have completed this program, there is a subsequent phase, Atma Jhanam, where the specific Siddhi associated with the statue can be activated. Work towards this goal is currently underway. Sri Pranaji’s guiding principle is, “I am not here to create millions of students, but masters that are equal to or far better than me.” This statement underscores his intent to empower others with these spiritual tools and abilities.

Do I need to pay for this service?

This service is offered freely as an act of love and compassion. However, you are welcome to provide an energy exchange in the form of donations as a sign of gratitude. This could be directed towards the caretaker who shares their space and time to provide this service. It’s important to note that Pranashakty, as an organization, and Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji do not involve themselves in these donations at all. The principle of giving and receiving remains balanced in this way, aligning with the universal law of reciprocity.

What is the significance of the number 4440 in relation to the statue?

The number 4440 is the total number of murti that will be activated and given to those who commit to serving others. It’s part of a larger vision to extend the murti’s benefits to all of humanity. Each of these 4440 statues serves as a node in a global network of spiritual aid, providing solutions to people across the world.

What is the significance of the Jothi Siddhar Parampara and how is it different from traditional lineages?

In 2020, Sri Pranaji was given his own lineage known as Jothi Siddhar Parampara by all the Siddhas of the past. This was a significant event because Sri Pranaji had developed his own system of spiritual science, teachings, activations or teechai. This distinct system, blessed by all Siddhar Yogis and Rishis, moved away from the highly ritualistic, time-consuming practices and adapted to the changes happening in consciousness, the development of science, and the landscape of the human mind.

Jothi Siddhar Parampara aims to address the rapidly evolving challenges facing mankind in a world of rapid growth. It has demonstrated the ability to develop new solutions and practices, passed down to disciples and students in a structured manner. For instance, during the global pandemic, many benefited from its solutions for COVID-19 treatment and prevention before mainstream solutions were made available.

Parampara, a Sanskrit word referring to the succession of knowledge from one guru to the next, is central to Hinduism and other Indian religions. The tradition of parampara ensures knowledge in spiritual, artistic, and educational areas is passed down through consecutive generations without loss of integrity. In this tradition, the current guru and the three preceding ones are all worshipped by the disciple intending to carry their teachings forward.

However, the Jothi Siddhar Parampara breaks from this tradition in its approach, placing emphasis on the evolution of teachings to suit the needs of contemporary society. This lineage, therefore, is a dynamic, living tradition, evolving and adapting to the changing needs of the times.

Who is Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji

Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji is a spiritual leader and teacher who is known for his contributions to the Siddha philosophy and the Shakty Enlightenment Program. He is renowned for his knowledge of various spiritual practices and techniques and is committed to sharing this wisdom with the world. Sri Pranaji is known for his dedication to service and helping others. He is said to have imbued the statue of Jothi Siddhar with a part of the universal consciousness, or atma, allowing it to provide guidance and solutions to individuals seeking help.

His teachings often emphasize love, compassion, and understanding, reflecting the core tenets of the Siddha philosophy. He also believes in empowering his students to become masters themselves, rather than creating a large following of disciples. His goal is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome their own challenges and serve others in their communities.

It’s important to note that Sri Pranaji, while respected and revered by many, does not seek to be worshipped or honored. He sees himself as a guide and a teacher, helping others on their spiritual journeys, not as a deity to be worshipped. His teachings and the practices he endorses, such as the use of the statue, are meant to complement existing beliefs and faith, not replace them. His ultimate aim is to assist individuals in finding their own path to enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment.

Sri Pranaji’s contributions to spiritual and healing practices

Sri Pranaji’s contributions to spiritual and healing practices are immense and wide-ranging. He is the founder of the Siddha Applied Science Institute and the Malaysian Varma Kalai Society. He is also the author of the bestselling book “Autism and Varma Therapy: A Parents Guide,” which has been translated into four major languages.

Sri Pranaji is recognized as a pioneer in globalizing the Siddha system and in the development of Cosmic Energy-Enhanced Natural Medicine. His innovative contributions to spiritual practice and energy healing include the creation of the NCRP Method, Siddha Turiya Meditation, Healing with Bliss, Siddha Inner Power, and Siddha Inner Beauty.

Challenging traditional exclusivity, he has also offered Kundalini Shaktipat to individuals outside of his lineage and spread the practice of Ananda Siddhi globally through a Deeksha process. His work with autistic children, specifically through Varmam therapy, has been particularly noteworthy.

Sri Pranaji is also the founder of varma and energy therapy as his own unique healing system, as well as the founder of Manokalpa – a specialized energy healing approach for psychological and mental issues. His contributions to energy healing have been recognized and celebrated in various forums and websites around the world.

Despite his numerous accomplishments, Sri Pranaji does not seek to self-promote or gain recognition for his work. He prefers to focus on creating new solutions for contemporary issues, rather than discussing topics that have already been widely covered. His primary aim is to use his knowledge and skills to serve humanity and help others on their spiritual journeys.