Neuro Cell Re-Birth Process

NCRP is a profound healing therapy taking place on molecular level of the body. It allows a deep emotional release at the cellular level that in turn triggers a powerful transformation and regenerative process, helping body, mind and soul. No healing therapy can induce permanent change unless each cell and DNA purified or brought to “the zero state”. NCRP cleanses samskaras (deep impressions and karma-inducing agents) rooted in the mind from the patterned makeup of each cell.

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Understanding NCRP

NCRP is a group meditation healing method or therapy that solves all past, present, and future emotional problems. This is what we mean by going back to the zero point – returning to our innate, divine, purified selves. This process is confidential. You only, not the therapist, will know what is being released. Normally, when we engage in emotional healing, only the emotions are released. The encoded emotional patterns embedded in the DNA in each and every one of our cells still remains. These embedded patterns are observed in the aura where improvement should be noted. In traditional emotional healing, no improvement or transformation is observed in the auric field. In NCRP, this transformation does occur, and has been documented. 

In this age of incredible change and great energetic flux, we as human beings can end up stuck – caught in patterns and between polarities that are too strong for us to break free from. The solution to free us from this “stuckness” is a new way of healing – bringing us back to zero, to the point where the divine resides. We call this new way of healing NCRP.  NCRP is based upon the ancient Siddhar knowledge of Advaita, or non-duality.

Latest Research by scientist have shown that we actually can change the DNA pattern to what we want to be.

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How does DNA get affected by life?

Over many births, a plethora of thought patterns and negative energies (emotions) uploaded from our environment, experience, family members and relationships, schooling/instruction and social conditioning become deeply embedded in our energetic systems. These embedded thought patterns cause much physical and physiological damage to our physical body, energetic system and soul. 

We must cleanse and release our negative thoughts and emotional patterns from each strand of DNA and infuse our cells with divine energy so that each cell will revert back to its divine nature or original set-up, known as the zero point. Though many contemporary therapies attempt to do this by addressing only one part of this complex spiritual problem, the Siddhas alone have an holistic, Advaita-informed system which encompasses body, mind and spirit, and uses a series of cellular-level energetic empowerment to bring us back to zero.

Disclaimer : Opinions given here are not alternatives for professional medical care. Please read disclaimer, terms & conditions.

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