Healing – The Siddha Way!

Pranashakty provides free online healing and meditation services to millions through its global virtual ashram. Healing section is one of the most visited areas in our virtual ashram as it delivers life changing experiences to those who visit. Come, step in and continue to experience the Siddha Way!

Disclaimer : Opinions given here are not alternatives for professional medical care. Please read disclaimer, terms & conditions.

Chakra Therapy

Chakra therapy is one of Pranashakty’s most revelutionary systems in spiritual healing area. Through the power of internet, chakra therapy delivers free service to humanity and helps to heal and rejuvenate the whole energy system to bring improvements in body, mind and spirit. It removes energy blocks, nourishes your system, removes stress and sets stage for a greater health and spiritual progress. 

Online, Therapy – Do it at any time

Quantum Pranashakty Transmission (QPT)

QPT is an ability that is acquired after a person achieves the Savikalpa Samadhi process, in which a fully awakened pineal gland and complete full opening of the crown chakra make a person’s ability to harness and amplify prana energy increase 1000 times. And not only that, but could be transmitted to a wide area or space. Using this ability, our Acharyas do service to heal people all over the world. 

Online, but not automatic ! QPT can be received from distance but it always needs a person to transmit. Transmission is announced based on Acharay’s availability. Please visit QPT section for further guidance.

Neuro Cell Re-Birth Process (NCRP)

NCRP is a profound healing therapy taking place on the molecular level of each and every cell of the body, allowing for a deep emotional release at the cellular level which triggers a powerful transformation and regenerative process affecting body, mind and soul. No healing therapy can induce permanent change unless each cell, each DNA strand, of the body is affected and purified, or brought to “zero”. Most mainstream alternative therapies today do not achieve this level of purification. NCRP works to cleanse all samskaras, or deep impressions and karma-inducing agents rooted in the mind, from the patterned makeup of each cell.

NCRP has proven track record in helping people suuffering from long term traumas and psychological issues. for a spiritual seeker, it contributes towards clearing of path for a peaceful journey. 

Not an online therapy : NCRP can only be done in personal sessions and needs 2 to 3 hrs of time per session. Please consult with the Acharya about the duration required for the issues that you are seeking a guidance for.

Stress therapy & Meditations

Go to our meditation zone to find another surprise. Stress therapy and other online meditations brings ashram to your home. Meditation complements any healing modalities and we strongly recommend that you do it regularly to place your body, mind and spirit in best levels. 

Varmam Kalai

Varmam or Marmam are locations/points in the body where vital life force is seen in high concentration. They function as vital force (Prana) regulators. An action that causes loss or blockage of vital energy (Ki, Chi, Prana etc) in these points causes illness.The systematic study, art or method of performing the actions in the application of martial arts/self defence is called Varmam or Varma Kalai. 

Through Pranashakty’s sister organization, Siddha Varma Kalai Society, Pranaji and his team does extensive research and applications of this ancient science. Society of Siddha Varma Kalai has been successful in creating therapies for autism, secret science of nokku varmam and a comprehensive healing module that can assimilates the power of touch, energy and knowledge. Please visit our website to know more. 

Siddha Inner Power

Siddha Inner Power (SIP) system combines properties of both spirital selfe defence and Kayakalpa (art of body rejuvenation). It provides energy that manifests instantly and effects of improvements in body’s aging process is visible within days after receiving training. 

Aayam Energy, the core of SIP’s teaching also has properties that resists effect of poison, negative energies, entities and bad intentions. SIP system requires direct personal training and is handled by Pranashakty’s sister organization Siddha Inner Power, founded by Sri Pranaji. 

Disclaimer : Opinions given here are not alternatives for professional medical care. Please read disclaimer, terms & conditions.