Healing with Bliss Workshop

Healing with Bliss is a new addition to the healing services offered to all by Pranashakty.  This is a free (or nominal fees to cover expenses) healing workshop designed to give access to the healing energies and methods as brought to the world by the Siddhar Swami Ramalinga and the saint Shirdi Baba.  These workshops will be offered as seva by the Pranashakty Acharaya, in line with the philosophy of Swami Ramalinga and Pranashakty.

Healing with Bliss is a four hour workshop designed to be done in half a day.  This will accommodate those that are too weak to do a complete Jothi Retreat, or who are not ready yet to commit to a spiritual path, but who is looking at spiritual methods and tools for self-healing. These workshops will also bring the Siddha tradition of healing to the wider communities and to those who are really in need of healing and who cannot, or is not prepared yet, to pay for this healing.

During this workshop the participant will be empowered with the Ananda Siddhi energy.  Through continuous and regular meditation and practise, this energy will grow and transform the recipient on all levels.  The Ananda Siddhi is a very powerful and transformative energy which is passed on through Diksha by an Acharaya.  The Ananda Siddhi energies are known to relieve high blood pressure, anxiety, diabetes, heart problems, relieve stress and tension and much more.  The Ananda Siddhi is also very powerful in healing and can be used alongside the Jothi or by itself.

The participant will be taught to do the Sarva Shakty Sadhana.  Each participant will receive the chakra activations a s well.  Thereafter he/she will receive the Ananda Siddhi energies and how to meditate with this energy. They will also be given a step by step method to use the Ananda Siddhi energies for self-healing and healing others along with some basic knowledge of the chakras and how they affect disease.

This service is offered as a service.  All donations towards the costs of the workshop, i.e. rental of venue, petrol for travel, etc. are welcomed.  Should you be willing to offer your venue, home or get a group together for such a free healing, kindly send a mail to info@siddhaway.org.

Please note :

Only Pranashakty Acharaya, trained and empowered by Pranashakty International, are authorised to facilitate Healing with Bliss workshops as well as Jothi Body of Light Level One Workshops. Only Pranashakty Acharaya who have received the Ananda Siddhi Diksha from Sri Pranaji, founding Guru of Pranashakty International, has the empowerment to offer Healing with Bliss workshops.