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Quick Bioenergy Booster

This  process of  Quick Bioenergy booster is for all those infected  Covid patients who have undergone therapy of  Bio energy Immune Booster by an authorized Bio-Energy Booster Therapist. Quick Bioenergy Booster procedure is neither  same as  bio energy immune booster nor equal to it.

PLEASE NOTE : Quick Bioenergy Booster procedure is a compulsory follow up practice after your Bioenergy Immune booster activation.

This solution is suggested to give a quick boost of prana through an image.

After getting activated to raise the personal Bioenergy to increase the immunity to combat the virus, you should do this process continuously for five days every two hours. This will keep the virus at bay and finally render the virus powerless against the immune system.

Since the new mutated variant is airborne more dangerous, it is essential to keep the bioenergy very high to prevent it from attacking the body and its functioning.


  1. Place 200ml water in a plain glass in front of the image for 1 minute
  2. After 1 minute, please drink the activated water completely.
  3. Once you drink the activated water, please observe the image and do slow deep breathing (if you face a breathing problem, observe your breath while watching the image). You may find that your breathing rapidly improves, and more energy nourishes the body.
  4. Please do this procedure for at least 5 minutes and repeat it every 2 hours.
  5. The activated image is given below.