Amrita – The Divine Nectar

Amrita – The Divine Nectar


The divine nectar

Amrita, a Sanskrit word meaning “the Divine Nectar,” is a central concept in Indian spirituality, often described as an elixir in ancient texts. Its significance emerges in the Rigveda as a synonym for soma, the divine drink of the gods or devas. Amrita plays a pivotal role in the Samudra Manthana, the cosmic event of churning the ocean, leading to a conflict between devas and asuras, who competed for Amrita to obtain immortality.

Known across the spiritual world

The word Amrita is formed from the negative prefix ‘‘ (a), meaning ‘not,’ and ‘मृत्यु‘ (mṛtyu), meaning ‘death,’ translating to ‘not death’ or ‘immortal/deathless’. This concept of an immortality drink is also found in Ancient Greek, where ‘ἀμβροσία’ (ambrosia) carries a similar meaning. Both ambrosia and amrita are believed to be derived from a common Indo-European root, symbolizing a substance that grants immortality to gods​. In spiritual practices, the experience of Amrita often symbolizes the attainment of spiritual bliss or enlightenment, representing the transcendence of physical limitations and the realization of eternal, divine essence.

Amrita & the 114 Chakra Activation

In the context of 114 chakra activation by Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji, the experience of Amrita is uniquely tangible. As the chakras, including key areas like the pituitary and pineal glands, are activated, they release Amrita in an etheric form. This release can be physically felt in the throat almost immediately after the activation. This instant physical manifestation of Amrita is a distinctive feature of Jothi Siddhar’s lineage and techniques, offering a profound and immediate experience of spiritual awakening and bliss traditionally associated with the concept of Amrita in ancient spiritual practices. This are only lineage have this secret diksha currently

Experience this divine essence firsthand through the unique 114 chakra activation by Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji. This lineage holds the secret to releasing Amrita physically, felt in the throat immediately upon activation of pivotal chakras like the pituitary and pineal glands. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to experience a tangible sense of enlightenment and eternal bliss, traditionally reserved for deities, now accessible to mankind through this special online event. Embrace this chance to transform your spiritual journey forever.”

This free online event is a rare chance for seekers around the globe to tap into ancient wisdom and experience a profound spiritual awakening. It’s not just an event; it’s a doorway to spiritual immortality, inviting you to join a global community in a shared journey of enlightenment and bliss. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to transform your consciousness and align with the eternal.”

Shiva Zen Meditation & Cosmic Healing Statues in Bali

Shiva Zen Meditation & Cosmic Healing Statues in Bali

Suly Resort in Bali, Indonesia was blessed with a special gift from Sri Pranaji today. World’s first Shiva Zen Meditation & Cosmic Healing statues were installed by him in the resort premises for the peace seekers visiting the area. The process is very simple, even a novice can enter this deep state of meditation with little effort within a minute.

Shiva Zen Meditation Statue

World’s first statue installed with instant meditation energies

Sri Pranaji during the process of energy installation 

The statue was installed and inaugurated during the graduation ceremony of the Shakty Enlightment Programme. SEP students from various parts of the world along with visitors who came to experience the energies added more excitement to the event. The group meditation in front of the statue was followed by inauguration of Cosmic Healing Statue in the same resort. Easy to follow procedure for meditation is provided near the statue. 

Visitors experiencing the mindfulness meditation


  • Master the art of mindfulness meditation
  • Lower stress more bliss
  • Better focus
  • Better sleep and health

Shiva Cosmic Healing Statue

A simple statue with great healing capabilities

Shiva Cosmic Healing Statue

The Cosmic healing Statue is installed with energies of deep healing capabilities and it can heal diseases both known and unknown. Procedure to do the healing meditation are very simple and is provided near the statue. This statue was also installed and activated on the same day and the visitors had an opportunity to experience the healing energies. 

Visitors experiencing the Shiva Cosmic Healing


This energy from the abode of Lord Shiva can heal almost every single disease both known and unknown.



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