Receive Healing with Navapashanam Energy

This energy will heal and rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit

Navapashanam is the most complex alchemy in Siddha System and is well known for its healing and rejuvenation powers in addition to the long list of other benefits. Please follow the instructions provided below to receive energy of Navapashanam.

Receive Healing

To receive healing energy of rNavapashanam, look at the statue’s image and say the following in mind:

“I’m receiving energy of Lord Muruga from this statue. Let the energy rejuvenate my body, mind and spirit”.

After completing the affirmation, sit back and relax, enjoy the divine energy with closed eyes for next 10 minutes.

Please read disclaimer

Important note:

  • This energy is same as the energy of Navapashanam Statue of Lord Murugan built for Pranashakty’s Ashram & Temple project.
  • Energy of Navapashanam does great healing & rejuvenation but it does not provide you full medicinal properties of real Navapashanam material.