Participate & Help

Pranashakty Ashram and Temple Project - Uthiramerur, Chennai, India

You can participate in this project in Many ways. We need support from artists, architects, communication, financial support, moral support, logistics and in many more ways that can help in building this amazing monument.

Small Navapashanam Statue of Lord Murugan

Special statues that emits energy up to 10 meter radius

Energy so strong that can be felt with palm

Installed with Palani Murugan Energy by Sri Pranaji to heal and rejuvenate your system

Suitable for prayer & offering at home

Pray to Lord while you are submerged in his energy. Do abhishekam and consume to absorb in to your cells.

Same energy & material from temple statue

Statue is made of same material used in main temple statue & is installed with same energy.

Only 100 statues will be made

As the statue is made from material left over from making of original statue, we can make only 100 statues. This is offered to requester on first come first serve basis

Feel the statue's energy now !!!

Feel the energy of real statue now. Look at the statue’s image and say the following in mind:

“I’m receiving energy of Lord Muruga from this statue. Let the energy rejuvenate my body, mind and spirit”.

After completing the affirmation, sit back and relax, enjoy the divine energy with closed eyes for next 10 minutes.

Express your interest

The statue is priced at USD1000 and is way more affordable than market value (that can run up to $ 25,000 USD). This is being given as token of appreciation for your contribution towards this project. Preparation of your statue will start after your request is received and in first come first serve basis. Once the statue is ready, you will be contacted for payment and shipment formalities. Preparation of the statue needs 2 to 3 months after order is taken for processing. As only 100 statues will be made, any request beyond acceptable number of orders will be in waiting list.